Early Oscar buzz for 'There will be Blood' star Paul Dano!! Will he be nominated this year?

January 4, 2016
First published on:January 4, 2016
by HitBerry

Paul Dano, with his exceptional acting abilities, should have already won an Oscar way back. That’s how many prominent critics feel. However, the actor has never gotten the attention he deserved.

That all seems to be changing this year as he has already been considered a front runner in the Oscar race for his performance in the movie “Love and Mercy”. Sources claim that many critics have stated that Paul deserves the award this year and if he does not win the award, it would be outrageous on the Academy’s part.

Paul is being considered for the award in the best supporting actor category. Paul has already been considered a front-runner among his competitors for this year’s award. Paul, who has come up with some of the most outstanding supporting performances in many Oscar winning films, has always been neglected and, surprisingly, never been nominated before.

Many critics and a few members of the Academy have also said that Paul deserved an Oscar one too many times for his outstanding performances in movies like “Little Miss Sunshine”, “There Will Be Blood” and “12 years a Slave”.

His co-actor in “There will be Blood “and three time Oscar winner was surprised and showed great dissatisfaction when Paul was not even nominated for his performance in the movie . The actor went so far as to say the academy made an absurd decision not considering Paul for the award, claim sources.

Paul, as a professional, has been considered one of the best actors of his generation. He has had one of the most outstanding careers so far among his counterparts. He has already been a part of over twenty different prominent productions.

His recent film, “Love & Mercy“ was widely accepted as one of the most beautiful films of the year 2015. He also starred in the film “Youth“ in 2015. The film has won several awards in many prestigious film festivals around the world.

He is currently filming “Swiss Army Man”. The film is scheduled to release next month. Paul has not only limited his talents to movies but has made his presence felt in the field of TV shows too. This year, he began the year by starring in the much anticipated drama “War and Peace” based on a novel by Russian writer Leo Tolstoy of the same name.

He has been confirmed as a main cast member for the first season of the show. As a child actor, Paul was seen in two episodes of the hit TV show “The Sopranos”.

On a personal scale, Paul is dating fellow actress, Zoe Kazan. He and his girlfriend are currently working together on a project they co-wrote and wish to film together. They have been together since 2007 and in recent years there have been hints that they might soon be getting married.


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