Dylan Schmid posts adorable pictures with his girlfriend, who he's been dating for 8 months.

April 3, 2016
First published on:April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Dylan Schmid the popular teenage actor from Canada has a new girlfriend and has been sharing cute pictures of her and them together on social media. Especially on sites like Instagram and twitter. It has been suggested that Dylan has been dating the new love of his life for the past eight months now.

Dylan and his new girlfriend look very much in love and have also posted pictures showcasing public display of affection. The young couple has been shared pictures of them camping, chilling at home. Dylan’s girlfriend Kayla is also known to be very supportive of her boyfriend.

His girlfriend happens to be a year younger than Dylan at sixteen. Dylan recently organized a very eventful birthday party for her and even mentioned as to how much he loves her. He has mentioned that he loves spending time with her cuddling, eating to many chocolates and watching movies.

They have also shared how they love the new sub-culture of Netflix and chill which has invigorated in today galvanized population. It seems to be their favorite thing to do. They have posted so many pictures of them together that a certain group of Dylan’s fans are upset about it.

Earlier to Kyla,Dylan was not known to have any affair and none of his previous girlfriends surface to the media.  His parents Sherri and Todd Wilson have always been known to have supported him in his career and realized early on in Dylan’s life that he possessed in him an exceptional ability as an actor and entertainer.

Dylan although is relatively new to the industry has already made quite an impact. He has already featured in over ten different productions and some of his most noteworthy performances in movies have come from “Kid Cannabis”, “Step Dogs” and “Horns”. He at the moment has just filming his latest movie which is scheduled to release some time this year and has been titled “The Ferret Squad”.

Dylan has been having greater success with tv shows in comparison to movies. He is best known for portraying the character Baelfire on the show “Once Upon a Time”. However he has showcased his acting abilities in other shows too. Which are “Stonados”, “Olympus” and “Do You Mind?”

This year alone he has involved himself with three new tv shows “X Company”, “Anything for Love” and “Beyond”. In the show “Beyond” it is believed he is going to be a crucial member of the cast.

Dylan is just seventeen years of age and stands at a height of 1.67m. His net worth remains to be undisclosed. This may be because he has not yet reached the legal age of managing his own finances and his parents are doing it for him at the moment.

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