Dylan Penn and Harry Styles dating!! Harry is rumored to be having an affair with actress Dylan Penn

August 15, 2015
First published on:August 15, 2015
by HitBerry

Directioners cannot stand to see Harry Styles with any other girl. But, girls, you all may just be about to have your hearts broken again because, if reports are to be believed, the singer is set for another romantic relationship. And this time, the girl is the famous model Dylan Penn. If insiders are to be believed, Styles has been flirting with Penn for some time now. Penn is the daughter of actor Sean Penn, who is well-known for his ill-temper, and actress Robin Wright.

Hollywood Life reported that Harry Styles, age 22, has developed a crush on the hot model who is 2 years older than him. Well, Styles does have a soft spot for older women. And if rumors are to be believed, Dylan herself is a fan of the star. Harry’s previous relationships include Kendall Jenner, Taylor Swift, and Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold. One lucky guy! With fine body measurements and just the perfect height, it's no wonder Styles has fallen for Penn.

“Harry likes her. And she thinks he’s really cute,” a source told Us Weekly. Nonetheless, the two seem to be taking it slow. None of them have spoke about it on Twitter and till date, have not posed for any pics together on social media. Guess they are taking things one step at a time. The report claims that the two recently started following each other on Instagram and Harry is hoping to meet up with Dylan in the near future,.

Now that this rumor has surfaced, gossips about Styles dating and having an affair with Suki have long vanished. His current target, Penn is also one hot entity. She first came to media attention for dating so called "boyfriend" Twilight star Robert Pattinson. However, Penn had gone on to clarify that they were only friends.

“We’re just friends. They photographed us in a place where there were other people and cropped the picture. Silly. I laughed about it.”

Styles is also rumored to be trying to get into acting. He met with Harvey Weinstein for what is most probably a role and also has been reported that Zach Braff, his close friend, has been giving him acting tips.

If the couple are indeed to be together, it will be one of the hottest relationships in the entertainment industry. Both of them have a huge fan following. Moreover, Penn would also be able to offer Harry Styles free advices about becoming a fine actor and a fine star.

So, while we’re on this matter, let us also shed some light on Styles happening music video. Feel free to check out the singer’s performance in a behind-the-scenes video for One Direction’s “Between Us” fragrance ad. If you’re a Style’s fan, you’ll certainly not be disappointed. In the recently-released video, Harry said that he would be “method acting” to perfect his mountain climbing scene. No idea what this is all about.

Anyways, if the pair are to be together, fans definitely will be disappointed to have lost their chance.


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