Dweezil Zappa open up about how he started dating and fell in love with wife Megan Marsicano

Ladies, take a note! Dweezil Zappa has revealed how he started dating her present wife Megan Marsciano and how she won over his heart. The musician’s revelation could be your guide on ‘How to win over the Heart of Famous Celebrities?’

Zappa first met his wife Megan when he was going through a tough divorce with his former wife. He claims that during that time, Megan helped him get him back into his feet and gain control over himself.

Just after his divorce with Laura Kundsen, Zappa clearly was on the verge of mental break down. He was delivering irresponsible messages through his social networking sites. But all that changed after he started seeing Marsciano regularly.

“She was there when I was going through the worst time of my life. She taught me never to give up. She also encouraged me to believe in myself”, the musician disclosed. He also added that Megan also prevented him from having a mental breakdown after his divorce. Megan helped Zappa emotionally during his divorce with Laura Kundsen. It reported that the support he got during those tough times from Megan is the main reason Zappa married the actress.

Dweezil has been married to Megan Marsciano since April of 2012. Since then, they have made several public appearances. The two seem to be very happy together. Judging from the look of things, the couple is never going to get a divorce.

Dweezil was married to Laura Knudsen before his marriage to Megan. They even had two daughters, Zola Zappa and Ceylon Zappa together. But they got divorced in March 2010.

His first divorce was also thought to have happened because he was rumored to be gay. There were several shirtless picture of the guitarist on the internet at the time. But those reports seem to be false as he is in a happy relationship with his girl at the moment.

Dweezil Zappa was also previously dating to Lisa Leob. The two were considered to be very close. Both of them came from a musical background and they even used to go on musical tour together. But the two fell apart giving way to Zappa’s first marriage.

The musician has always had trouble with commitment. His former partners have even openly criticized this trait of his. But, after meeting Marsciano, Zappa finally seems ready to settle down. It is unlikely that he will ever have an extra-marital affair or girlfriend again.

Dweezil Zappa is the son of legendary American guitarist Frank Zappa. He got into the music industry following the legendary footsteps of his father. He first played lead guitar for ‘The Fat Boys’ 1987 album  Wipe Out.  Since then, he has played guitar for several artists. His performances for Ozzy Osburne's songs are critically acclaimed.

 His net worth is yet to be revealed.