Dutch Fashion Model Imaan Hammam Single, Married or in a Relationship? What About her Affair?

Working out as a short-term model and gradually making her way to be the top, the Dutch Model Imaan Hammam has made it to the hearts of many of the male fans and even the female fans. Her fans really wonder if she’s single or not. What do you think of her romantic relationship?


Today, we are going to talk about the model’s relationships status. Whether she is single or in a relationship with someone. She is not a lesbian, is she? Let’s find out all about her.

Imaan Hammam Relationship

The famous model, Imaan achieved success in her career at very early age and has lots of fans and followers who really are interested to know about her personal life. Is she involved in any kind of relationship, is the most asked question by her fans.

[ CAPTION: Imaan Hammam ][ SOURCE: Models ]

Imaan Hammam is pretty uptight in sharing about her personal life to the public. If we view her on her social media platforms, we can see her close with many guys but all of them are clicked only on the profession as she is model.

[ CAPTION: Imaan’s photo shoot for Vogue Magazine ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

But after a long research, we came to know that she is in a relationship with Naleye Junior who is also of the same profession. As both belong to the same profession, the pair has also shot together for US Vogue in 2015. Although the media has caught them hanging out together, the couple has not spoken a word about their relationship.

[ CAPTION: Imaan with Naleye Junior ][ SOURCE: Pop Sugar ]

It looks like Imaan Hammam is a career-oriented person and she is so much occupied in her career so that her personal life is on pause for the moment. The uprising star has grabbed quite an attention of her fans by her skills and talent but she is yet to officiate her relationship status. If we search her dating history then she is not found dating anyone asides from Naleye.

Imaan Hammam- Relationship with her family and friends

As being born in Amsterdam to an Egyptian father and Moroccan mother, Imaan has one sister, Aicha Hammam. She shares very good bonding with her sister and other siblings.

[ CAPTION: Imaan with her siblings ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Imaan’s friendly nature helped her to deal very nicely with every one of her siblings. She has been able to make lots of friends to hang out. And she also shares a good bonding with her cousin to share her each and every moment.

With a focus on her modeling career, she has not officially announced her relationship with Naleye. So we are not so much sure about her love affair. Maybe she doesn't want to share about her personal life to the public.