Dustin Hoffman's new movie Hear My Song airs on CBS.

Dustin Hoffman's new movie Hear My Song aired exclusively on CBS. How many of you watched it?

New "Hallmark Hall of Fame" presentation HEAR MY SONG  aired in April 116 (8:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Bet you all liked it.

The movie is filled with drama, emotions, music, and inspiration. It is about a 12-year-old boy Stet who gets neglected and whose devilish behavior overshadows his beautiful singing talent. When he enters a boy choir boarding school, his angelic voice gets a proper place. There, he is driven beyond his wildest dreams by the demanding choir master (Hoffman).

Soon the supportive school principal reveals Stet’s father about Stet being an exceptional singer and ultimately persuades him to enroll his son in a boarding school that’s home to the country’s leading boys choir.

In the beginning, Stet is avoided by his classmates because of his untrained voice, inability to read music and bad-boy attitude.

But eventually with his awesome training and inner gift, Stet is propelled to be a contender for the lead role in the choir.

The movie is highly liked by the audience. It also has nice critical reviews.

The movie stars Academy Award winners Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates, Academy Award nominee Debra Winger, Emmy Award winner Eddie Izzard, Josh Lucas and Kevin McHale.

See?  Just a look at the cast shows how aspiring and successful the stars are. And not to mention the movie rocks and it will surely make your day.

The movie is an Informant Films production in association with Embankment Films, Carol Baum Productions, and Goldenring Productions. The executive producers are Michael A. Simpson, Eric Brenner, Tim Haslam, Hugo Grumbar, Grant Guthrie, Ben Ripley, Darrel Casalino, Guirec Van Slingelandt, Rob Van Den, Paul B. Loyd Jr., Jeff Steen, Bob Westendarp, Jarod Becker and Brent Shields. Judy Cairo, Carol Baum, and Jane Goldenring are the producers.

Here is the trailer.

The movie is rated 6.7 on IMDb. Again, you can watch critical reviews here.