Duncan Keith's New Girlfriend: Know all the Details about his Affairs and Relationship

Every Homo sapiens that existed in the world knows the feeling of being loved. We get ourselves a lover as we seek the feel of a having a passionate love. Duncan Keith might be able to teach a little of his experience from his dating life, and if not, we shall have fun talking about him and his love.

When we talk about Duncan Keith, he is most recognized as an alternate captain of the National Hockey Leauge (NHL) team Chicago Blackhawks. Well, he is a professional Candian Hockey Player who has won 3 Stanley cup 2010, 2013 and 2015 with Blackhawks. But the real question is, whose heart has he won for the rest of his life?

Who is Duncan Kieth's New Girlfriend?

Duncan Kieth is a guy with a sports background. And his reputation in sports is a great deal, with that being said, Keith is much likely to be in a relationship as he's a really popular and good looking one in the sports field. How can he not, right?

So, do you think Duncan Keith is really in a relationship?

Duncan Keith, source: sportsmockery

Duncan Kieth is rumored to have a new girlfriend. If so, who is she? But is she real? These rumors only tend to have grown after a photo of her with a girl holding Duncan's son was sitting beside the player. According to multiple reports, Duncan does have a girlfriend, and most called her "Ali."

Duncan his son and his rumored new girlfriend, source: pinterest

Although the reports are not entirely dependable, it is Keith who knows what is going on with his so-called "New-Girlfriend." Folks, if this issue is true, then Duncan will possibly not hide and in fact show up with her in time.

Duncan Keith catching a fish bigger fish than him, source: nbcsports

Past Affairs of Duncan Kieth

As far as we could talk about Duncan romantic life, we wouldn't possibly leave Kelly Rae Kenyon. And if you ask who she is, you don't know Duncan at all. Duncan was once married to this girl. On their long relation, they collected many memories, but unfortunately, it didn't end better.

Duncan and Kelly, source: sportsmockery

Knowing each other from the childhood, Duncan and Keith grew up in British Columbia, Canada. They have been there for each other for a very long time. And as Duncan chased his career in Chicago, Kelly joined him in 2009. They since started dating and eventually converted their life from boyfriend/girlfriend to husband/wife in 2011.

Like all the passionate married couples, one thinks of getting themselves blessed with a child. Unlike others who are afraid to have a baby, Duncan and Kelly gave birth to little Colton. Duncan also missed one his pre-early skate before game 4 to attend his son's birth.

Sadly, the couple officially separated in 2014 and Kelly appears to have lost a court fight with Duncan.

Duncan Keith and Kelly Rae Kanyon, source: heavy

Duncan has been taking care of his son since then. And the reason behind their break-up releases more controversies such that Kelly was having an affair with his teammate Patrick Sharp.

As the tension grew upon couples and fans, Duncan denied Sharp had anything to do with the split except the personal reason between the pair. Duncan revealed more about his divorce later realizing that his fans needed to know.

Duncan Keith and Kelly Rae Kenyon addressing about an affair, source: rantsports

However, ex-husband and wife are showing the best efforts and giving parental time to Colton. Leaving that aside, Duncan is occupied and focusing on his career. But we do hope that Duncan remains frank about his relationship in the near future.