Dua Lipa is currently dating her singer Boyfriend Paul Klein, Know about her Affairs and Boyfriend's List

In today's world, we often see people dating someone from the similar field but those relations are usually unsuccessful. For instance, let's take a look at Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt etc. However, two of the famous singers Dua Lipa and Paul Klein has been able to prove the theory wrong and has been successfully dating for a while now.

If you landed on this article, I am pretty sure you’ve already heard about the recent famous song, ‘New Rules’. Well, today know everything you need to know about Dua Lipa’s ‘relationship rules’ with her present boyfriend as well as past relationships.

Dua Lipa’s current boyfriend

Lipa who became the first female artist to score no.1 single since Adele two years ago has been dating her singer boyfriend for a while now. Dua was even seen celebrating her success with her singer boyfriend, Paul Klein who is from LA band ‘LANY’.

Dua Lipa vacationing with her singer boyfriend Paul. Dua Lipa vacationing with her singer boyfriend Paul, Source: HawtCelebs

Lipa and Klein first met at the beginning of 2017, at a British Summertime gigs in London’s Hyde Park. However, even though the couple hasn’t been dating for a long time, their relationship has already been heating up. On an Instagram post, Paul once asked Dua to marry him, look at the picture below for proof.

Well, he might just be kidding around proposing her girlfriend randomly on a social site or he could be serious about it and didn’t have guts to confess eye to eye. Only the couple knows the truth!!

Dua Lipa’s dating history

Well before the famous singer, Dua Lipa started dating Paul Klein, she was with other guys as well. At March 2016, she started dating an American model, Isaac Carew. However, the relationship didn't last too long. After that, she was seen spending a lot of quality time with DJ Calvin Harris.

Although the singer has been with a couple of guys in her life, she seems to be stuck with the present one. As mentioned above, Paul has even asked Dua to get married. But then, there is no news of them getting married or even getting engaged, we don’t know if he was serious or just kidding around. Let’s all hope that the cute couple gets married soon and have cute children together.