Drones being used in US, Find out how? Also the way to use drones!

April 19, 2017
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

The drone use rumours go around the US and some other countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Iraq for terrorist surveillance. But, how are drones being used? Are we being watched through windows using such mini-helicopters?

The answer is not simple. Such drone exists, but the factors and tech to be used in such drones are far more expensive than the toy drones we see. The cost of building and operating such drones would cross way more than buying an electric car. Flying cars might cost equal to such drones.

Drones are mini aircraft that could be as big as jets or small as a tablet. They are remotely controlled mini-copter used for risky missions, or to keep an eye on someone. Such mini-copters can fly for long utilising low power as drone symbolises unmanned vehicle. People and civilians are allowed to fly model aeroplanes, but it is illegal to use drone above 400 feet or for commercial reasons until you are permitted by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

Using Drones – Current Scenario

US Border guarding drone

The use of a drone for security purpose has not been publicly accepted. In the US, the drones are used for shipping goods or for surveillance but not all are permitted. The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) upraised flags on using drones. The team focused on the impending invasion of privacy along with the creep mission by using drones.

The municipality of Charlottesville, Virginia, also restricted the use of drones in the name of law enforcement. Also, Police Department of Seattle decided to return the drone they brought for use.

Though the privacy ideas seem to be slackening in a new generation, the mass public is still not comfortable with drones. People posting photos and videos are growing still they do not want the personal photos and videos to be leaked through drones. Why you say because drones are programmed in such a way that information about you is collected from you along with everything around you.

Even so, hundreds of drones are being used now in the US for various purposes and will be growing in a number of thousands in next few years.

How are drones being used in the US?

Fire fighting drones

Department of Homeland Security uses a model which is around the size of twin otter plane to monitor illegal activity around US border. This drone is used to find out activities like illegal border crossings, inhumane activities, etc.

NASA and Forest Service use a drone to monitor forest area in California. This model is used to find, analyse and fight forest wildfires.

Police Departments and law enforcers are using drones for photographing accidental sites, tracking suspects, and surveillance.

Universities and engineering colleges include drone programming, not for learning how to make it; but to track in different ways to use it.

How could Drones be used?

Drones are just a remote-controlled unmanned vehicle, so it can be used for any purpose until and unless if you harm anyone.

Delivery Drones by Amazon

Simple drones could be one replacement toys for children. The drone could take the area of a smart toy, like Cozmo.

Drones could be used for daily tasks; ‘tacocopter’ is delivering drone that is used to deliver tacos to customers using GPS coordinates. This copter never went off the ground, still this concept help to build delivery drones.

Not just for delivery of goods, drones could be used for medical purpose too. The ‘quadcopters’ could be used for the supply of medical accessories, medicines to far-reach areas.