Downton Abbey actor Allen Leech, who is dating Charlie Webster, is finally on Instagram!!

October 17, 2015
First published on:October 17, 2015
by HitBerry

Downtown Abbey fans, you guys just got a new celebrity to follow on both Twitter and Instagram!! And guess what? It’s none other than the series favorite Allen Leech.

It has been almost a month since Leech opened his Instagram account and pictures have been flooding ever since. 29.7 K followers have been listed since he first opened his account. And while this may seem meager in comparison to other celebrities, it must not be forgotten that he is just 28 posts old. So, it is not at all a bad start for someone’s initial social networking journey.

Well, that being said, Leech is definitely one fine social networker- with picture uploads that are not only unique, but also something special. His first Instagram upload was a picture of him disguised as Lady Mary. Then, it was a throwback picture of him. And yes, boy did he look like Liam from the boy band One Direction back then. Well, that second picture of him was so similar that people were actually questioning whether the two celebrities were related. Rubbish huh? Well, look at the picture and you will actually believe it’s true. Anyways, moving on, his other posts were also great. And since this is a gossip site and not a “Celebrity Instagram Account” review, we will cut this discussion of Instagram pics short.

The Irish actor gained recognition after starring in the hit series Downtown Abbey. However, his acting career traces back to appearances in Cowboys & Angels, Man About Dog, HBO’s historical drama Rome and other short plays and documentaries. His debut was a small role in the production titled A Streetcar Named Desire. That, he says, was when he was pursuing his career (in Drama and Theatre) back in Trinity College, Dublin. We sure can talk a lot about his many performances, but let’s keep this short as well. Bottom-line, he did many great shows and eventually landed the role of Tom Branson in Downtown Abbey. Not to forget, he also landed the hot TV presenter Charlie Webster.

Leech and Webster apparently met at a get together organized at some event (which was not disclosed by either of the two). And, as they say, rest is history. Their relationship was officially confirmed back in June of 2014. It has been more than a year and it does look like their relationship is a happy affair. The confirmation of their relationship has debunked any rumors that Leech was gay. More than this, there have been rumors that the two might eventually marry each other. He and his girlfriend do make a great couple and if their relationship is as it is seen on TV, they might eventually become husband and wife. Now, at the age of 34 and just starting to reach great heights in his acting career, we hope Leech does start a family soon.


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