Dougray Scott's Wife Claire Forlani Net worth: Houses, Cars, Diamond Ring and Fabulous Life

August 18, 2016
First Published On: August 18, 2016
by HitBerry

Meet Joe Black actress Claire Forlani, has been married to her husband, Fear the Walking Dead star Dougray Scott since 9 years now. Her career has shined since late 1990's and her professional as well as personal life has become immensely lavish.

Claire Forlani's Career and Net Worth

44-year-old English Beauty has been active in the respective industry since 1991. She was born in London to her father who is a music manager from Italy and an English mother. She attended Arts Educational School in her hometown where, side by side, she also learned various dance forms.

The whole family moved to California, the USA in early 1990's to get further exposure in Hollywood films. At the age of 25, she played a notable role of acting legend Sean Penn's daughter in the movie "The Rock". Subsequently, she started playing high as well as medium budget films. Her career took an upturn when she played the role of Brad Pitt's love interest in the blockbuster movie Meet Joe Black. She has played notable roles in numerous movies and TV series to date.

What is surprising is the fact that she has topped the charts on People With Money's top 10 highest paid actresses of 2016. According to Media Mass, she has an estimated combined earnings of $75 million. Although in 2014, she was lagging behind. Taking a total of July 2015 - July 2016, Claire has managed to outrun nearly $40 million to her closest competition. Factors such as profits, endorsements, advertisements, and residuals are considered when deciding on the top contender. 

The British actress has an estimate of $20 million which can be calculated from financial dealings such as stocks, profitable investments,brand endorsements and restaurant business. 

Claire Forlani and husband Dougray Scott's amicable mansion

The couple presently lives at a really comfortable villa in Los Angeles, California. While her husband hails from Scotland, the couple moved in together to continue their career as actors in Hollywood itself.

This cute little villa is immensely vast with lots and lots of space and excellent interior designing. There is a huge swimming pool right in front of the doorstep.


The equipment used in their home are attractive in its own manner. Honestly, anyone would feel jealous to observe such a well-decorated house. The furniture is really eye catching - white tables, polished drawers, fluffy mattresses - walls are decorated with colored floral wallpapers.


If you closely observe the interiors, every single room has been decorated in such a perfect manner, all empty spaces are covered with either flower vases or sculptures and statues.

The flooring is so smooth - feels like a person could just slide flawlessly. Every single minute detail in this house is worth mentioning.

Claire Forlani's Cars

The stunning actress prefers luxury brands such as Audi and Lexus for her travel needs. Claire's brands of cars include Audi A8 and Lexus RX 350. Audi 8 is a high price modeled car which ranges from $80,000 to $150,000. While the Lexus model averages around $42000 to $55000. 

Claire Forlani's luxurious life!

Mother to a son, Claire has a rather luxurious and adventure filled living. Her appearances at various events and shows - along with her 50-year-old Scottish husband - explains it all. The brands of gowns she wears (Alberta Faretti, Dior), branded shoes (Jimmy Choo), expensive jewelry (Swarovski) quite matches with her lifestyle.

Her wedding dress was ravishing and she looked phenomenal! She had worn a white silk gown and accessorized her hair with a Swarovski hairpin and Jimmy Choo heels. 

Claire was also seen wearing beautiful diamond ring accompanied by the same pair of earrings and bracelet at the Raisa Gorbachev Foundation event party. 


In her interview with Chicago Tribune, the couple had their best times during their visit to New York. They don't just go to any restaurants, they don't just book any hotel - they are rather precise about this matter. The pair chooses restaurants and hotels such as Serafina, Four Seasons Hotel, Carlyle Hotel for meet and greet. 

When asked about her favorite getaways, she mentions that she enjoys staying at  Hotel de Crillon and Somerset in Paris. As mentioned earlier, she has a peculiar taste for restaurants too. Restaurants such as The Wolseley, Micheal Nadra and Indian Zing in London are at the top of her list. Even her husband Dougray adds up to the list of luxury the couple enjoys in their lifestyle. As per Telegraph, Dougray's favorite spot for romance is La Prince Maurice Luxury Hotel in Mauritius.