Dope star Kiersey Clemons is a living proof that blondes have more fun

HitBerryPublished on   26 May, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

African-American actress and singer Kiersey Clemons is often seen experimenting with her hair.

She has done her hair like pulling off cropped natural curls, undulating extensions, and choppy bangs with the swagger of a seasoned street style star.

Now the 22-year-old Dope star has turned her hair blonde and she has said that going blonde is one of the greatest accomplishments in her life.

No matter if her sunny blonde shade comes civility of a little extension magic or a skilled colorist and a few Olaplex treatments, it’s clear that a bold peroxide-inspired look only feeds your inner hair chameleon.

Either she’s snapping selfies with a messy nod or showing off beachy cornrows threaded with shades of gold. After turning blonde, Clemons is the living proof that blondes have more fun.

She is frequently seen posting pictures on the Instagram after turning her hair blonde. However, the hair color has suited her complexion.