Donna Reed's Love Story: Navigating Her Relationships, From Boyfriends To Husbands

Donna Reed is a celebrated American actress and Oscar winner. Her roles in classics such as "It's a Wonderful Life," "From Here to Eternity," and "The Donna Reed Show" showcased her talent.

Beyond her professional life, Reed's personal life also captured public interest. She was married three times throughout her life. Her spouses were Grover Asmus, Tony Owen, and William Tuttle. 

Had A Partner At The Time Of Her Death

Reed was a married woman at the time of her death. She was married to Grover Asmus. She passed away on January 14, 1986, at the age of 64.

Reed's battle with pancreatic cancer reached its poignant conclusion at her home in Beverly Hills, California. Asmus stood by her side during her final moments.


Donna Reed in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Pinterest

Donna Reed's Marriages

Grover Asmus

The union between Reed and Asmus was a significant chapter in both of their lives. They exchanged vows on August 30, 1974.

The marriage endured until the "From Here to Eternity" actress passed on January 14, 1986. He remained a steadfast presence throughout her battle with pancreatic cancer.

How Did Reed And Asmus Crossed Paths?

The story of Donna Reed and Grover Asmus began at a mutual friend's dinner party. 

This chance meeting laid the foundation for a relationship that would stand the test of time. The simplicity of Donna and Glover's introduction contradicted the depth of the connection that would later define their lives.

It'sDonna Reed in It's a Wonderful Life SOURCE: Pinterest

Who Was Reed's Husband? 

Colonel Grover Woodrow Asmus brought a distinguished military background to his relationship with the actress. He served in the U.S. Army until 1972, achieving the rank of Colonel. 

Asmus graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1946. His commitment to duty and leadership qualities complemented Donna's life in the spotlight.

The Death Of Grover Asmus

Tragically, Asmus faced health challenges after Donna's passing. On October 11, 2003, at the age of 77, he succumbed to a battle with a brain tumor, as mentioned in Find A Grave

Diagnosed in January of that year, Grover underwent partial surgical removal of the tumor. His passing marked the conclusion of a shared journey that had weathered the highs and lows of life.

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Tony Owen

A Marriage Steeped In Complexity

Donna Reed embarked on a 26-year journey in marriage with Tony Owen. The union, which commenced on June 15, 1945, endured until 1971. 


Donna Reed and her ex-husband, Tony Owen SOURCE: Pinterest

Despite the absence of any specific events leading to divorce, the marriage was described as "always difficult." Donna's decision to remain in the marriage was primarily rooted in her dedication to their children. She couldn't bear the thought of her minor children growing up with a stepfather.

The Birth Of Todon Productions

Donna and Tony found common ground in their professional pursuits. The couple established Todon Productions, a company that would later become instrumental in shaping the landscape of American television. 

The legacy of Reed and Owen's partnership reached its pinnacle with the creation of the iconic television series, "The Donna Reed Show." Launched as a part of Todon Productions, the show became a cultural phenomenon.

William Tuttle

Reed's First Marriage

Donna Reed's journey through matrimony began with her first husband, William Tuttle. The couple exchanged vows on January 30, 1943.


Donna Reed with her first husband, William Tuttle SOURCE: Pinterest

The chapter would unfortunately be relatively short-lived. Reed and Tuttle's marriage concluded on January 8, 1945. Not much detailed information has been disclosed about their married life. He lived a long life, passing away on July 27, 2007.

Meeting At MGM

The origins of Donna and William's relationship can be traced back to the glittering world of Hollywood. To be more specific, the MGM Studios, as mentioned in an article from The Guardian. 

Tuttle, a talented makeup artist, met Donna while working on her face in 1943. This encounter laid the foundation for a personal connection that eventually led to marriage.

Reed's Other Relationships Rumors

Frank Sinatra

There have been rumors about Donna and Frank Sinatra having a romantic connection back in 1954. However, there isn't enough information available to confirm or support these claims. 

What is known is that Sinatra and Reed worked together on the film "From Here to Eternity." He played the character Angelo Maggio, and she played Alma, aka Lorene. Both of them achieved great success with this movie, winning Oscars in 1954 for Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress. 

Lew Ayres

Reed and Lew Ayres were rumored to have been romantically involved in the past. They worked together on the film "Born to Be Bad." In the movie, she played the role of a caring girlfriend to a patient. 

Donna enjoyed working with Lew during the film. There are whispers about whether their on-screen chemistry extended off-screen. However, it remains unclear if they dated.


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