Donald Trump's Daughter Tiffany Trump Support's her Republican Dad but Dating a Democrat

July 20, 2016
First Published On: July 20, 2016

Did you have some sort of disappointment over the speech of Melania Trump? Don’t be so disheartened if the speech of the wife of Donald Trump left you with fits of laughter and pretty confused state of mind; because Tiffany Trump slays it in her speech where she supports her daddy dearest along with being pretty nervous and confident at the same time.


Such an honor to speak at the @gopconvention #RNCinCLE

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Giving a speech on the second day of the convention of the Republican National Convention; Tiffany Trump started the speech very impressively.

“Forgive me if I make any mistakes. Well, I graduated college a few months ago and have given speeches in the classroom and college, but never in an arena with 10 million people watching me.”


Thank you to everyone who watched my speech last night! #gopconvention #RNCinCLE looking forward to tonight! ??????????

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That was remarkable and unforgettable too. Actually unique;very much for just a graduate like her. She royally pays tribute to her father Donald Trump and refers “he never backs from challenges.”Additionally, she quotes about how Donald Trump is a good man and more of an "action person" who sticks to what he does; a defining quality of Donald Trump that she has seen in action all her life. Ironically speaking, she never stayed with him but saw that in happening. Very interesting.

Tiffany Trump’s boyfriend Ross Mechanic

It’s always a hard time to go against your parents, but everything else seems to bother Tiffany but this because she has been dating a democrat. Sounds to meh but it is indeed the truth. Tiffany Trump has been in a very serious relationship with Ross Mechanic whom she met on her University while studying at Pennsylvania.



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Contrary to what generally happens her boyfriend was even present at the Republican National Convention but what even of his views and likes for Hillary Clinton. Well, love changes all; even political views counted henceforth. By the end whose political changes that is for us to wait and watch.



???????? #RNCinCLE #gopconvention

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Tiffany Trump’s personal life

Tiffany Trump is the youngest and the only daughter born to Donald Trump and his second wife; Maria Maples.Raised exclusively by her mother only Tiffany still managed to be her daddy’s princess. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Tiffany has worked as an Intern at Vogue and modeled for a fashion show during the New York Fashion Week 2016.


So proud of @adwarren for his debut of @justdrewclothing at #NYFW

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Graduation! Congrats to the class of 2016! ???????? #upenn

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Tiffany Trump and the Hannah Montana connection

Well just don’t confuse her with Hannah Montana because she is not the one, although her voice and hair might give you a strong deja vu but she is definitely not the one you are looking for. Although Twitter was going berserk over the similarity and all the High School Musical fans just got their chance to rejoice but sadly it is not real.Yes, Tiffany has sung a song "Like a Bird" and might just make a career in singing; however Hannah Montana certainly does not have the triumph of being a Trump. Just kidding.