Donald Glover in Miles Morales version of Spider-Man was deleted from Homecoming Scene

Donald Glover's voiced Miles Morales appeared first in Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors. The African American Spider-Man gave a silent message of equality to entire States and was appreciated by many viewers. But this time we are here with another news regarding Donald Glover and his appearance in Spiderman Homecoming which was deleted from the movie.

So, you don't believe us, or do you? Well, if we combine the pieces together: we see Miles landing into the movie alongside Peter Parker. As Donald Glover in movie crashes with Tom Holland, Glover says "I don't want those weapons around, I have my nephew in the neighborhood which is a hint to the arrival of Puerto Rican Spider-Man in the movie.

Let's see who Miles Morales is here in this video

Are Both Spiderman about to unite in upcoming days?

Tom Holland has justified the role and after the release of the unedited Spiderman's trailer in youtube somewhere Peter Mets Miles and the fact was further supported by the head of the marvel studio Kevin Feige stated that Miles was never away, we want fans to realize that he is somewhere there.

Tom Holland (spider-man) and Donald Glover conversation Tom Holland (spider-man) and Donald Glover conversation 

Interesting enough for spidy, and fans are rooting for it. Who knows we get to see a cool spiderman duo mixes action-packed avenger movie soon enough. This news has further created a level of curiosity in comic reader's mind and we do hope that The dope star shows up somewhere in the next Spiderman movie.

The world has seen enough of hate and racism so, we really think the recent leap taken by Marvel comics to introduce an African American teen as a new friendly neighborhood spiderman which was criticised by many fans who are used to seeing a white spiderman should change their attitude. As it has given hopes in many African American teens to follow their dreams.

We hope you do like our today's take on Spiderman and stay with us as we explore many of these untold secrets from Hollywood. For more updates keep scrolling.