Does Vince Carter Call Anyone His Wife; Was Previously Married to Ellen Rucker, Has a Daughter

Sam SmithPublished on   07 Jun, 2018Updated on   27 Apr, 2021

The American professional basketball player, Vince Lamar Carter was previously married to wife Ellen Rucker. After his divorce from his first wife, who is he dating or married to?


Vince's professional career is very successful and all known to the viewer. But fans still don't know well about what going on in Vince's personal life though it's one of the most talked topics. So, after separating with wife, Ellen, did he find anyone special in his life? Scroll down to know all about his past married life, divorce, children and present relationships.

Vince Carter Current Relationship

Being one of the famous personalities, ones personal relationship is always talked among the audience. Fans not only give interest in career but also their favorite celebrities' private life.

As we all know, Vince was previously married to Ellen but now the question is who is he romantically involved after his divorce? And what is his current relationship status.

CAPTION: Vince Carter SOURCE: Formal Athletes

Well, the truth is, after the divorce with the first wife he is not found to be linked with any girl romantically. He never gave us a chance to make the hot topic as he has always preferred to keep his personal life away from the limelight. As he has not come out with anyone, we can assume that he might be single.

As we go through his social media as well, all of his profile is filled with his professional life. So, we can say that he might be busy with focusing on his professional life so that he can't manage extra time to get involved romantically after his unsuccessful marriage.

Vince Carter unsuccessful Relationship with Ellen Rucker 

Well, we all know that Vince was first married to then-wife, Ellen Rucker. The pair shared their marital vows on July 3, 2004, in Palm Beach, Florida in front of their close ones. However, their marital relationship couldn't last longer than two years, as they went through a divorce in 2006.

CAPTION: Vince Carter and ex-wife Dr. Ellen Rucker SOURCE: Married Biography

The college sweethearts, who were in a romantic dating relationship couldn't save their relationship after getting married. It all happened just after the couple welcomed their daughter, Kai on July 1, 2005. But due to the lack of time to the family because of Vince's career, they went through the divorce.

CAPTION: Vince Carter with his daughter Kai SOURCE: BCK Online

Although they separated from each other, they remained as a friend to co-parent their daughter.

Some Facts of Vince Carter

1. Vince Carter was born on January 26, 1977, in Daytona Beach, Florida.
2. Vince Carter is the cousin brother of famous NBA star, Tracy McGrady.
3. Vince Carter started his professional career at the age of 22.
4. During his sixth grade, Vince Carter made his first drunk.
5. In 2010, Vince Carter set a new record for the longest basketball shot made while sitting down.
6. In 1999, Vince Carter won NBA Rookie Award.
7. In 2000, Vince Carter won along with team won the gold medal for the USA.
8. Vince Carter has a daughter, Kai Michelle Carter from his marital relationship with Ellen.
9. Vince Carter has a net worth of $60 million.
10. Vince Carter 1995, he was selected for the USA Junior National Team.