Does Maureen E. McPhilmy have any Child? Know her current Married Life after Divorcing Bill O'Reilly

March 20, 2018
First Published On: March 20, 2018
by Ross

Maureen E. McPhilmy is a public relations executive who has gained a huge success in her professional life. However, she has had a very bad experience with her first marriage as it was completely abusive but currently, she is living happily with her second husband in New York.


Today in this article, we will be talking in detail about Maureen’s family members including her mother, father, current husband, ex-husband as well as her children.

Maureen E. McPhilmy’s children with ex-husband Bill O'Reilly

Maureen was first married to a political commentator Bill O'Reilly in 1996. Although they stayed together for over 15 years, their relationship was not good. Maureen even claimed that Bill physically abused her throughout their married life. Although their relationship, as well as marriage, ended in 2010. The couple is blessed with two children.

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CAPTION: Maureen's ex-husband Bill O'Reilly with son Spencer O'Reilly SOURCE: The Coli

Their first daughter was born two years after their marriage in 1998; her name is Madeline. And their second son was born in 2003 whose name is Spencer.

CAPTION: Madeline O'Reilly with her father Bill O'Reilly and Kri SOURCE: Getty Images

As McPhilmy is now married to her second husband, Jeffery Gross. Her relationship with her current husband is good as they are living happily with their children. Jeffrey was previously married to Kathleen McBride and had two teenager kids with her. Kathleen later died of cervical cancer in 2006.

Maureen E. McPhilmy’s Divorced Bill O'Reilly and living with current husband Jeffery Gross

Well, as mentioned earlier, Maureen is living happily with her current husband but did not have good terms with her ex-husband. In fact, Bill is unhappy that she moved on and got married to a new man. Because of Bill’s violent actions, Maureen had to end her marriage with him. However, Bill didn’t really accept the allegations.

CAPTION: Maureen with her ex-husband Bill O'Reilly SOURCE: Frost Snow

Bill and Maureen had a prolonged fight about the child's right after their divorce. Later, he even filed a $10 million lawsuit against his ex-wife.

He accused her of using the received funds from the Divorce alimony to fund her relationship which already existed (extramarital). Well although Maureen has had a rough past, she deserves to be happy with her current married life.