Does J. J. Redick's deserve to be paid a salary of $6.75 million per year by his team LA Clippers???

August 31, 2015
First Published On: August 31, 2015
by HitBerry

J.J.Redick is exactly what the Clippers need in order to win their first Conference title or to have any chance of being Champions in the future. The 6 ft 4 Point guard is known for his effortless three pointers and unprecedented rebound skills as a point guard. Being one of the tallest point guard’s in the NBA, his sharp shooter skills have been a major contribution to the clippers team.

Redick average per game is 23.61, which is currently the second best in NBA. The only other player who is better than Redick at what he does is Stephen Curry. Last season Redick was the most important of the Clippers vanguard when the obliterated Houston Rockets in the semi-finals of the Western Conference title match up.

J.J is also known as work–machine by his team mates. They have nicknamed him beast for his activeness. Last season alone, Reddick travelled +0.2 miles than any player in the NBA. When he is on the move, he becomes a "Punisher" and defenders dread having to face him. His dribbling skills have been unmatched by any of his teammates and is one of the best in the league. Coming to accuracy, he is Impeccable and has managed to score from off –balanced positions .Which are very rare in the division.

Clippers head coach Doc River’s had termed Redick as an offensive weapon and defenders nightmare. Even though towering over other point guards in the game, Redick’s stealth has been a key factor for the Clippers offensive campaign. Combing with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and De’Andre Jordan the Clippers are all set for this season. To achieve Championship dreams having finally assembled a team who are capable of bringing the trophy to Clippers home.

Last season The Clippers ranked Third overall in the Championships.Doc Rivers has acknowledged Redicks contributions and has said it would have been impossible if J.J had not been part of the team.  His reliability on court is as solid a foundation as there can be in Basketball.

Clippers still have not managed to win a Conference title. Neither have they managed to win a Championship unlike their counterpart L.A. Lakers’. Reddick along with his team mates have already started the pre season camp in Los Angeles .They believe this year they can clinch the title with ease as they are more experienced and currently have the best arsenal in the league to do so.

J.J Redick was acquired by the L.A Clippers from the Milwaukee Bucks for a four year contract of$27 Million with a yearly average salary of$6.75 Million per annum. Sports agents have highly criticized the amount to Redick as being highly underrated.

Redick is currently 31 years of age and has a good four seasons left on him before considering retirement.  While playing for the Bucks Reddick married his long time girlfriend from college Chelsea Kilgore. The husband and wife duo currently live in Los Angeles, California.