Does Burkely Duffield have a girlfriend? Who is he dating?

March 24, 2016
First published on:March 24, 2016
by HitBerry

There have been rumors that Canadian actor Burkely Duffield has been dating Jade Ramsey. However, the actor has denied the love affair with Jade.

In an interview with Glitter Magazine, actor Duffield said he has been dating someone but Jade Ramsey is not his girlfriend. Though he has not disclosed anything about his girlfriend, his Twitter feeds have led to many speculations regarding his love affair with Jade Ramsey. And he is not married yet and not gay for sure!

He had tweeted to Jade saying that he could not wait till she came to America and meet his family and especially his sister. Moreover, he added saying his sister Victoria Duffield, who is a well-known actress and singer, is looking forward to meeting Jade.

Even when Jade was in Los Angeles, Burkely had tweeted saying “LA here I come”. He had gone to meet Jade and many pictures were being posted in the Instagram account of Jade Ramsay.

A picture was posted beside a pool where the two were looking very cozy. Jade had captioned the picture saying, “chilling by the pool…….lushhhh” while Duffield commented saying, “Truly an amaze day”.

This could be quite inferred from the posts and feeds that Duffield and Ramsay are more than just friends and are really dating.

Moreover, there have been no posts or pictures of Duffield with any other unknown person that makes it really confusing to know who he has been actually dating.

Canadian actor Burkely is best known for his role as Eddie Miller in the Teen drama Mystery on Nickelodeon, House of Anubis. He began acting at the age of 11 when he auditioned for a McDonald’s commercial. His career as an actor was launched from the role of Jonathan Chandler in the television movie Under the Mistletoe in 2006. Later in 2007, he made his debut in the movies with the film Pathfinder.

Since then he has appeared starring in notable movies including Kickin It Old Skool, Numb, Ace of Hearts and Warcraft.

 He has also been featured in numerous TV movies such as And Baby Will Fall, Mega Cyclone, Rags, A Mother’s Nightmare, House of Anubis: Touchstone of Ra, Jinxed, My Mother’s Future Husband, Paper Angels and One Crazy Cruise.

Apart from movies, he has appeared in TV shows including Masters of Science fiction, Aliens in America, Supernatural, House of Anubis, The Tomorrow People and Minority Report. He has been recently portraying the role of Holden as the lead role in the television series Beyond.

In addition to his interest in acting, he loves swimming, dancing and playing musical instruments. He has participated and won in many swimming completion through his high school. He had been associated with musical theatre for seven years before his acting career was launched.

The net worth of the Canadian actor has not been disclosed yet.

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