Does Auto-corrects have negative impact? Find out Funniest and Interesting Auto Corrects of 2016-17

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Auto-correct is a feature of a software, which automatically corrects and replaces words in different functions such as text message, spreadsheet, word-proceed document, and search box etc. As well as recommends an alternative word, if the written word does not exist in a built-in dictionary.

Is there any negative impact of autocorrect?

As per the BBC auto correct system turned humans into a group of illiterate idiots. A survey made in the UK citizens resulted that two-thirds of the participants remain unable to spell separate and one-third wrongly spelled definitely. After the research, it was found that auto-correct was responsible behind that.

Back in 2009, Thessaly La-Force from The New Yorker highlighted a study of 20 years that showed typists are being worse at spelling.

The study was made on some of the most common mistakes in undergraduate papers, shows the prevalence of word ruined us, grammar errors are increasing highly form 1988 to 2008.

Following back to 2005, a study taken out we have turning ever-reliant on an auto-correct system, making more mistakes with speck auto-correct facility turned on than off.

The conclusion shows that auto correction is turning us worse at spelling, as compared to previous time.

Interesting Auto correct of 2016-17

We can get thousands of auto-corrects, however, we have mentioned some of the most interesting auto-corrects of 2016-17

Source: Cronicle

1st Person: How was your day?

2nd Person: Aweful... I have bad case of the manboobs!

2nd Person: Omg. the Mondays!, Not Manboobs. :(

1st Person: Haaaa HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

Source: damnyouautocorrect

1st Person: Hey Dudeeee

So are you gonna be able to go to kinki fuck concert?


2nd Person: I'm so in if its Kinky fuck

Source: techeblog

1st Person: Are you working Saturday?

2nd Person: Ya and I got asked to do playboy too. Im gonna do it bc I need the money



Ohh wait until your father hears this.

1st Person: Omfg mom I wrote overtime. Not playboy.

Source: fyouautocorrect

1st Person: Where are you from again? My dad wants to know.

2nd Person: I'm from vagina 

1st Person: No way: Me too... In fact I think we all are! But what state?

2nd Person: *Virginia!

1st Person: I bet you did :)

Source: scoopstalk

1st Person: Hey guess what

2nd Person: What?

1st Person: I fucked dad

2nd Person: Kelsey what the fuck?

1st Person: Dan* omg auto correct

2nd Person: Omg

Source: baconwrappedmedia

1st Person:  How is school honey?

2nd Person: Good, just had the best weed of my life!

2nd Person: I mean week, not weed I promise

1st Person: Ok, just don't tell your mom

Source: huffingtonpost

1st Person: Hey. Are you going to kill him tonight?

2nd Person: Naw. I'll do it tomorrow, lol. What're you talking about?

1st Person: Aw crap. Are you going to Kim's party tonight. You actually gonna kill him tho?

Source: pinterest

1st Person: How did Emily break her finger

2nd Person: Her finger got stuck in my butthole

1st Person:  WHATTTTT:!

2nd Person: Holyshit. My buckle, Belt buckle

1st Person:  That is the funniest thing I have heared ALL day!

Source: justsomething 

1st Person: PU the whole office reeks

Someone is eating Tina's puss and I'm gonna barf.

2nd Person: Tina the woman from accounting!!???!

1st Person: Hahahahahaha OMG tuna fish; I just died

2nd Person: Hilarious! I was like WTF?

Source: pinterest

1st Person: Does your son know where he wants to go to college?

2nd Person: He does: he just made his DICKHARD last week.

1st Person: Excuse me?

2nd Person: His decision. I'm so sorry. Please tell me you know what auto correct is.

1st Person: I do! which means you've typed DICKHARD before!

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