Does actress Jessica Steen, age 49, ever plan on getting married??

September 14, 2017
First published on:December 8, 2015
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Most of Jessica Steen’s contemporary peers from Hollywood are already married. Some of them even have a child or two already. But Jessica Steen, who is 49 years of age already, is yet to have a public boyfriend, let alone a husband. This is making many of her fans, who hope to see her married with kids, very unhappy.

Canadian born Jessica Steen is very pleasing to the eyes. With her pretty face, well-shaped body and charming smile, she can put men half her age under the spell. But even though she has all these qualities, it seems she is having very hard time finding a boyfriend.

Is actress Jessica Steen planning to get married?

While some the actresses around her age are giving marriage a second try, she has not yet been married even once. Her age is advancing and her love life still seems barren. This has led to several speculations about why the actress is still single. While some of those could be true, most of them are almost laughable.

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As she has done plenty of films and TV series most of the news outlet on the internet has an interesting theory about why Jessica Steen is still single. They claim that she has lost her young love.  She doesn’t want to get married ever again. This could be true, but there is no evidence to this claim. The actress herself has not said anything about the topic, so it will be hard to accept this speculation as for the main cause behind her unmarried state.

Many people have pointed out Steen’s attitude as the main reason behind her still being single. It is claimed that despite her sexy looks and hot body, the actress is very rude and arrogant. But this doesn’t seem to be true. The actress is actively involved in several charities and is very nice to her fans during her encounters with them.  This doesn’t give the claim that the actress is arrogant much credibility.

However, people close to Jessica Steen have stated many times that the only reason she is still single because she values her career. She thinks that there is still enough time for her to consider dating and to get married and have kids one day.

More about Jessica Steen

We cannot say for sure what the cause is behind the actress still being single. It could be her career oriented attitude, or maybe it is the result of her losing her young love. But one thing we can say for sure is that despite her growing age, Jessica Steen is still very sexy. Want a proof of this? Just scroll through the actress’s Twitter and Instagram account.

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You’ll know exactly what we are talking about. Her social media accounts have several thousand followers. Jessica Steen’s most noted work is the performance she has given in 1998 science fiction ‘Armageddon’ and the 2005 movie ‘Chaos’. She has also appeared in several TV series.

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