Does actor Jim O'Heir, age 53, have a girlfriend?? Reports of dating and an upcoming engagement

November 26, 2015
First Published On: November 26, 2015
by HitBerry

Has American actor and comedian, Jim O'Heir, who has been successfully hiding his personal life from the media for so long, finally spilled the secret? Reports are coming out that the 'Park and Recreation' star is not single. In fact, he is in a relationship!! Various speculations about his relationship status, one of which included him being gay had surfaced on the internet lately. But recent reports suggest that the previous speculations were all false.

The Chicago-born 53 year old comedian was reportedly sighted with her girlfriend at the end of the last month. The Sun reported Jim O'Heir was spotted shopping for engagement rings with his girlfriend earlier this month for the inevitable engagement with his girlfriend. Various other news outlets are claiming that Jim O'Heir is finally settling down with his girlfriend. Reports claiming that he has already been married have also surfaced many times on the internet.

The actor has not made any comments on the rumors that have been popping up in the media. This has led to even more speculations about him being married, single and even being a gay on several occasions. But all of these claims are yet to be confirmed.

Jim famously made-out with 'Parks and Recreation' co-star Aubrey Plaza in the series finale party of the show earlier this year. Jim has repeatedly stated that he is not seeing Aubrey Plaza. Despite his claim that Plaza is just 'a friend' and that the kiss he shared was 'all in good fun', various sources claim that Jim could be dating his 'Parks and Recreation' co-star.

There is no presence of a wife in Jim's instagram updates and tweets, which has made the rumors that the 'Accepted' star is in fact still single, more likely. However, the actor, who is renowned for keeping his life to himself, has been accused by many of hiding his wife from the media, so as not to create a media frenzy surrounding his personal life.

With a net worth of 4 million dollars, sweet personality and worldwide fame, it would be unreasonable to think that Jim is having trouble finding love in his life. But, his undisclosed relationship status has led to various speculations, some of which are outrageous. Veteran actor Jim, however, seems to be indifferent to these speculations, as he has not yet taken any steps to clarify the rumors regarding his love life.

The Emmy nominated actor, best known for his role in 2012 hit, "Seeking a friend for the end of the world" has appeared in several different movies and has gathered fans from all around the world. But all his fans, it seems, will still have to wait a little bit more to know the truth about his love life.