Do you know why did Simon Cowell just call the 12-years old Grace VanderWaal ukulele player ‘The Next Taylor Swift’ in ‘America’s Got Talent’ ?

June 9, 2016
First Published On: June 9, 2016

It’s a privilege, an honor for any 12-year-olds to be cited as ‘The Next Taylor Swift’! What makes Grace VanderWaal being called the next country diva TSwizzle is the person who called her that. We loved Grace’s performance, in fact, we thoroughly enjoyed it, and just like anyone who witnessed her performance we were absolutely blown away by her vocal skills.

Anybody could’ve guessed the girl would definitely get the golden buzzer but what Simon Cowell declared is something that threw us off the hook. Nobody saw that coming, did you? Simon HOLY Cowell declared little Grace VanderWaal as “THE NEXT TAYLOR SWIFT!” I kid you not! If you still can’t believe what you just read, just watch the video below! Come on now.

At a tender age of 12, Grace VanderWaal plays amazing Ukulele and writes her own song. Albeit a bit nervous at the beginning, Grace performed exceptionally playing her Ukulele and singing an original song! Yes! An original by Grace, how brave is that?!

To be clear not only the judge, many people around are taking her as the next Taylor Swift. Just like Taylor Swift, she writes her own songs at that tender age. Not only that, some of her looks like her hair and eyes also resemble that of the star.

As soon as she got into her song, the audience got on their feet cheering for her amazing vocal skills. Among all the judges, Howie Mandel seemed the most impressed as he got all jumpy at the end of her performance and offered a standing ovation. He called her “living, beautiful, walking miracle” and opted for a golden buzzer which sends her straight to the live show.  

Simon Cowell, who is known as the cold one intimidating every other contestant, seemed very pleased with Grace’s performance calling her special and a star and of course, the next T-Swizzle! Grace even dresses the part correct. With that preppy outfit teamed up with her blonde bob and of course, her musical skills, she could definitely be the next Taylor Swift. I mean just look at her!

Totally slaying it lil Swift!                   Source: MTV 

And it’s not just the AGT judges she's impressed, she has managed to grab the attention of many celebrities with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Charlie Puth, Nate Berkus! That’s quite an achievement for a 12-year-old!

+That girl @GraceVanderWaal is incredible.