Do you know all of Benjy Bronk's girlfriends? Check out all the women from his dating life

October 4, 2015
First published on:October 4, 2015
by HitBerry

Benjy Bronk is a comedian and stand up artist popular for his political jokes and banter. Benjy is also popular for having his way with women. He has, so far, had numerous girlfriends, but has acknowledged being in a relationship with only seven so far.

Benjy currently is in a relationship with Elisa Jordana. Jordana was a former member of the band Cobra Starship. The pair have been dating for over four years now. They first met at a party in New York in the year 2011. Benjy and Elisa are currently in a live-in relationship and hope to get married soon. Benjy, over the years ,has been linked to a number of other celebs.

Benjy’s first ever publicly disclosed relationship was with the 90’s soap star Lisa Heughan. Benjy first met Lisa when he moved from the west to New York to pursue his dream of being a comedy writer. Lisa and Benjy met at a party hosted by a mutual friend and hit it off instantly. However, their relationship also faced a downslide at the same pace. Benjy moved on from Lisa to his first proper relationship with Holly Landers.

Holly, who used to work as an adult film star, met Benjy at a charity event and was drawn into him by his charming personality. Holly and Benjy dated for over three years, in which they were seen together a number of times attending charity events, especially concerning climate change and global warming issues.

Holly and Benjy, toward the end of their relationship, began to become very dysfunctional and went through a terrible rough patch before they both called quits. Benjy then took a hiatus from romantic wandering and focused on his career at the “Howard Stern Show”, in which he was made a permanent writer after years of dedication.

Benjy, after establishing his career goals, started dating again and this time, was seen as boyfriend to Jamie Hilfiger , the American socialite model and fashion icon. Jamie is niece to the legendary designer Tommy Hilfiger. Benjy dated Hilfiger for a short while and withdrew from their involvement rather too early. Benjy has said that “Jamie’s lifestyle overshot mine by miles; It was just not meant to be”.

Benjy didn’t seem too distraught over his break up with Jamie and in no time was seen with fashion designer Ivy Supersonic. Ivy and Benjy had met at a party hosted by Jamie. Ivy was very flamboyant about her relationship with Benjy. Benjy and Ivy were seen attending a number of fashion shows in New York. They always accompanied each other to various functions as a couple much in love.

However, like many of Benjy’s previous involvement, this too could not totally get hold of Benjy attention for a long period of time. This time, Ivy dumped Benjy for one of her male models and Benjy once again was there for the taking. This time he fell into the hands of business woman Sarah Haeussler, although their relationship was never confirmed. They have been seen together as couples in a number of occasions.

Benjy and Sarah were not open about their involvement and soon they stopped seeing each other altogether.

Benjy has had a successful career as a comedy writer but hasn’t featured in any movies so far. However, sources claim that Benjy and some of his colleagues from the show are currently working in a movie project which is under production and set to release at the end of 2016.

Benjy is a rather popular figure on the social net working site Twitter with over 135K followers and can be followed @bronk. His net worth remains to be undisclosed by the studio over contract arrangement restriction, sources claim. 

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