Do you dare to watch Lucy Hale and Tyler Posey acted Movie Truth Or Dare

January 5, 2018
First Published On: January 5, 2018
by Frank Fancher

If you are a horror and supernatural movie's fan then here is a good news for you; On April 27, 2018, Universal Pictures is about to bring you a movie which will include all sorts of a weird thriller.

The Movie Truth or Dare who's trailer is out this Jan is a Blumhouse Productions and the story will make you think twice before playing the classic "truth or dare" thing.

Story line up and Star Cast

The thriller movie follows a group of friends wrapped up in a deadly version of the classic game and the lead actress tries to make it out alive. Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale and Teen Wolf lead Tyler Posey along with some known faces like Violett Beane, Hayden Szeto, Nolan Gerard Funk, and Sophia Taylor Ali will star the horror movie. It

"Truth or Dare" is brought to you by Blumhouse which is famous for several thriller movies such as, Happy Day Death, Get Out and Split.


The plot includes group of friends taking a trip to Mexico, and get tangled in a game which later will end up on a bloody note with a secret behind the game "If you play you die if you don't you die" meaning if you don't follow the rule or refuse to play you would die.

Looks like the key to safety for the pretty little lire actress is the truth, but the game decides to mislead them forcing them to perform stunts like cutting off a friend's hand and choosing a member from the group to kill.

Another weird part of this movie is that it shows the destruction of pretty faces while they are into the game. Lucy Hale who plays Olivia at one point of the trailer says at one point in the trailer "We're not playing the game, It's playing us".

So if you want to see a hot Hale scene then at one point of the trailer we see Hale's face becomes contorted and she tries to strangle Tyler Posey's character during sex. Hale at one scene is seen grabbing the throat of Tyler Posey after asking "Truth or Dare".

So how does the bloody game end?

Well, when the players seek answer they find out the only way the game ends is after every one of the players dies. Watch the trailer to see a sneak peek of the film. Director Jeff Wadlow from Kick-Ass 2 will be working with producer Jason Blum for the movie.