Think, Humanity Still Exist? Find Popular Pictures that Will Prove that the Humanity Still Exist

February 8, 2017
First Published On: February 8, 2017
by HitBerry

Humanity can be described as a human race that contains everyone on Earth. It is also qualities which make us human, such as the quality of mankind, kindness, sympathy, mercy etc.

It is also a positive feeling or helping nature of a person towards other, simply it is a social and natural behavior of a person.

If a compassionate, fairness, sympathetic, brilliant behavior exist in a person, then these are the qualities or state of being humane.

Does humanity still exist?

Every morning we turn on some news we see most of the news are of destruction, murder, and fear or of negativity. Because of this most of the people started to feel like humanity on earth is never going to be as good as it was before.

However, it is also a truth that there are many people who are still live their life for others or who love to help other people with full of heart.

Here we have mentioned some of the famous pictures taken which prove that our earth still holds humanity.

Serving Water to King Cobra

Source: youtube

A police officer with his team tries to catch King Cobra from a village, somewhere in South India. During the time they felt that the Cobra is getting thirsty, and one of the officer serves water to Cobra through a bottle, by taking his fear aside.

Slipper to Homeless Girl

Source: Buzzfeed

A man on the street of Rio de Janeiro saw a girl, walking nearby without slippers; Later after some time, the old man looks out of a shoe, how influencing he gave his shoe to that homeless girl.

Rescuing Sheep from seashore

Source: Justsomething

Two Norwegian friends rescuing a sheep from the seashore by taking their life in danger. They tried so hard for the little animal, and the result was quite good it was taken out safely.

Saving little puppy by a small boy during flood

Source: Slice

A boy of around 10 years of age, keeps his dog safely during a flood, even the water was near to his mouth and he was unsafe as well.

Helping a cat to cross a road

Source: Smosh

A cat was crossing a road catches the eyes of the Crossing Guard, and he helped out the Kitten to cross the road safely, by stopping human to use the road for a short time. 

Feeding a baby and dogs

Source: khurki

A very young boy (nearly 6-7 years), who was an orphan collects some food somehow, however, he doesn't have the food alone first he makes his little brother satisfied; not only that he also serves some to the street dogs.

An old man beg for money to feed for orphans

Source: Schoophoop

Dobri Dobrev, an old boy of 100 years travel above 16 miles every day to beg for money and he spends all the money to orphans and churches in Bulgaria. He has already donated more than 40,000 euros.

Supporting Wheel Chaired guy to watch concert

Source: Slice

In a concert of a band, participants helped a fan to enjoy the show of his stars, by raising the boy up who was a wheel-chaired.

Tourist feeds homeless man

Source: Purpleclover

A tourist who was enjoying his traveling with food saw a homeless physically disabled man on the street. He goes near to that homeless man and feeds his tasty food to him.

Free classes for homeless

Source: storyepic

Pictures tell itself, these two men are teaching these homeless children who are interested in studying; it shows if you wish to help, u will find your way.

Player in hospital to visit fan

Source: blogrope

This rugby player visited the smallest and the oldest fan in a hospital. Baby has certainly seen one of the happiest moment in her life. Hats off to this the player who took his busy schedule aside to visit and make her happy.

Innocent baby

Source: Purpleclover

This little baby looks so cute and innocent; she doesn't know the guy on the screen is acting thus she tries to stop his tears. 

A doctor makes polio vaccine affordable

Source: sideshare

Dr. Jonas Salk chose not to patent his 1955 polio vaccine, making it more affordable for the millions of people who needed it. As a result, he missed out on earning an estimated $7 billion.

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