Do Martha MacIsaac and her husband, Torre Catalano have any children together?

April 7, 2016
First Published On: April 7, 2016
by HitBerry

Martha MacIssac the super cute beauty from the movie “Superbad” recently separated from her ex-husband Torre Catalano. Although they have said the divorce was through a mutual consent between them both it has been rumored that things were not as smooth as projected by the couple.

Some have even suggested that one of the ground reasons for the separation could have been the couple not coming to a definitive understanding as to whether they should have children or not. It has been speculated that Martha might not have felt the need to have children at the moment.

Others suggest that it could have been the other way round and it may have been Torre who was not looking forward to starting a family yet. However, the suddenness of the separation has left all wondering. It is believed that they were known to have a very sweet and understanding marriage.

However within them couple their seemed to be a lot of ideological and perspective differences which led to the separation. Although they claim to have come down to the decision of divorce on a mutual basis. It is believed the collective responsibility and awareness as a couple was missing from them and perhaps separation could just have been the best decision taken by them jointly.

Martha and Torre were married for half a decade and were adorable and loving as a couple. It the early stages of their married life it was believed that they both were hoping to start a family and care for their children. However things went down south in comparison to what was expected and perhaps planned on a certain level between them.

Martha as a professional has had a good career over the years. As a young actress she was highly sought after and also known for her portrayal of character with an ease that was unique and wholesome in levels not easily found in today’s acting generation.

She has found success in both movies and tv shows which does not come as a surprise to people well accustomed with her expertise. Some of her movies which have personified her abstract praises are “ Ice Princess” , “ I Do, They Don’t” , “ Superbad” , “The Last House on the Left” , “Faith ,Fraud & Minimum Wage” , “Dead Before Dawn” and “Seasick Sailor”.

The tv shows where you can see her undoubted talent are “Di-Gata Defenders”, “Magi-Nation”, “Friends and Heroes” and “Greek”. She is currently working on her present show “The Pinkertons” where she is part of the main cast and has a pivotal role to the story of the show.

Her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $500 thousand dollars. It is understood that most of her earnings have come from the various acting jobs she has held over the years.