Do Alan Dale and his wife, Tracey have any children?

HitBerryPublished on   03 Apr, 2016Updated on   09 May, 2021

Kiwi actor Alan Dale is best known for playing the loving father Jim in the hit Aussie TV soap opera “Neighbors”. Originally from New Zealand, Dale is a household star all across the globe. Alan Dale, 68 has been married to wife Tracey Pearson, who is 18 years younger than him, for a glorious 26 years now. The beautiful couple have two children; Daniel, 18 and Nick, 13.

Born in Auckland, Alan had a love for theatre since a very young age but he initially chose sports as his career and played Rugby. At 21, he retired from sports and tried out various professions to support his family. When he was 27 years old, he took on professional acting. Due to scarcity of acting opportunities in his home country New Zealand, he moved to Australia. He faced a lot of rejection due to his age at first but landed the role of Dr. John Forrest in “The Young Doctors” and later appeared as main character Jim Robinson in “Neighbors”. Dale became a typecast as Robinson and failed to find any other work in Australia then he relocated to United States in 2000 and that is when his career sprung back to life.

He starred as prominent characters in TV shows “The O.C” and “Ugly Betty”. Apart from that, he also had recurring but pivotal roles in many other TV series like Lost, 24, The X-Files, Entourage, Once Upon A Time and many more. He has also played minor roles in movies such as Star Trek: Nemesis, Hollywood Homicide, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Skull and The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo.

Alan Dale had been married way before he met Tracey Pearson, he was married to Claire Dale in 1968. Alan has two sons with Claire; Simon and Matthew Dale. Simon is a radio announcer at Kiss 100 and Matthew is a writer, film maker and actor. Alan & Claire separated after a divorce in 1979, after which Alan moved to Sydney, Australia. When in Sydney, he met his second wife, former Miss Australia Tracey Pearson at the 1986 Australian Grand Prix. He describes his relationship with Tracey as “the most appropriate relationship I’ve ever had”.

Alan Dale now lives with his wife Tracey and two sons in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles, California. Dale is a loving father to Daniel and Nick and says “they keep me young”. He often recalls his own parents, deceased in 2007, and regrets not spending enough time with them. He is not that different from his character Robinson in Neighbors as he’s always looking for opportunities to spend time and bond with his kids.

Alan Dale stands at an estimated net worth of a stunning $8 million.