DJ Markus Schulz alleged of using ghost producers, Schulz currently on world tour

HitBerryPublished on   23 Jun, 2015Updated on   19 May, 2021

DJ Mat Zo recently called out DJ-cum-music producer Markus Schulz and other musicians on twitter. Posting a series of tweets, he talked about how EDM artists use ghost producers and pay to headline at festivals. He talked about other artists like Diplo and Tiesto.

“For too long these guys have pretended to make their own music and [left] us actual producers to struggle”, He wrote, “Electronic music used to be a bunch of nerds/geeks/outliers, and I have a lot invested in trying to keep it that way.” He also said he was the “nerd” standing up to the “jocks”.

“The cool people came with their money and ghost producers and us nerds had to start competing with then”, He wrote about the big names in today’s EDM scene.

About Marcus, He wrote, “In my time dealing with @MarkusSchulz he tried to trap me in a contract with armada, call me a rookie, give me terrible advice”

Mat Zo supported other artists like Fat Boy Slim, Skrillex, Above and Beyond and Daft Punk. He said they were “real” artists and said they needed to be role models.

Managers for such artists have denied using ghost artists to trick audience. Instead, they say ghost artists are used to save the star artists act time and to assist with finishing touches. Some managers are okay with using ghost producers without giving them any credit as long as they’re getting paid for it. According to managers, many artists do like to stay on the down low and rather earn behind the scenes.

Markus Schulz has been an active member of the electronic music world for almost 20 years. He is known for mixes and songs inspired by various different cities. He has released 5 different studio albums under Markus Schulz and two as Dakota, which is his alias. He has also performed with New World Punx and DJ and remixer Ferry Corsten.

Born in a small town called Eshwege in Germany on the 3rd of February, 1975, Markus went on to be a globally recognized artist in a short time. He produces Trance and Dance music. He hosts a weekly broadcasted radio show, Global DJ Broadcast in Digitally Imported Radio, which is an internet based radio. The show is also broadcasted in After Hours FM and various other online radios. Schulz also founded Coldharbour Recordings, which is an electronic dance music label. He also started Schulz music group (SMG). SMG manages rising stars in the EDM industry. Some of the artists they have managed are KhoMha, Mr. Pit and Grube & Hovsepian.

DJ Schulz is currently on tour. Schulz recently announced that he is going to produce a mix of 12 different tracks inspired by 12 different cities for World Tour, 2015.