DJ Afrika Bambaataa, age 58, seriously dating someone new, settling for a stable girlfriend in old age

December 4, 2015
First Published On: December 4, 2015
by HitBerry

It’s not often that you hear something about Afrika Bambaataa in the news. The performer is very good at keeping his personal life a secret. It has always been difficult for his fans to keep up with the latest happening in his life. But it seems the singer has finally spilled his secrets. The rumor that the Afrika is dating someone is on the high these days.

A source close to the rapper has stated that the lady Bambaata is dating now is one of the associates from his rap establishment, “Zulu Nation”. The mutual love of hip hop is believed to be the foundation of the relationship that Bambaata is on right now.

 “When you are turning sixty, you value human company more. Bambaataa is not any different.  He thinks the girl he is seeing right now is the person with whom he can spend rest of his life in peace”, a close friend to Afrika Bambaataa said to our sources. The rapper is currently 58 years old and slowly inching towards his sixties. His age combined with what his friend has said gives the news of him dating even more credibility.

In early 2014, the rumor that the rapper was gay was very widespread, even though he has denied it completely. This new rumor that he is currently in a romantic relationship with a girl dismisses any possibility that the rapper is gay.

Afrika is believed to have been already married before. But the details of his previous marriage are unknown to media. Since the rapper has made no official statement about his previous marriage, the reason behind his previous divorce and the name of her ex-wife can only be speculated.

The creator of break-beat DJ-ing, Afrika is one of the most respected figures in hip hop culture. He is respectfully known as “The Godfather” and “Amen Ra of Hip Hop Kulture”. He is also considered father of electrofunk. The actor was also featured in the list of ‘Most Important Americans of The 20th Century’ by the ‘Life’ magazine in 1990.

Before Afrika Bambaataa had entered the industry, hip hop was primarily considered to be music for black man. Rap music was taken as music without any artistic value. But his work changed all that. He sang songs containing political and social message and encouraged many young people to choose education and peace over violence.

The rapper is regarded as the person who helped hip hop music find its way towards mainstream acceptance. His tours still attract thousands of followers today. With millions of fan and a respectable image, it is no surprise his net worth is valued very high. values his net worth to be over $5 million dollars.