Disclose Barry Bond's Net Worth, House, Cars Collection, Earnings, Salary, and Contract Here!

If you have ever watched Baseball, then you must know the American professional baseball Left fielder Barry Bonds, who played 22 seasons in the Major Leagues of Baseball with San Francisco and Pittsburgh Pirates.

According to many tabloids, the professional left fielder has earned the huge amount of money which is estimated at $80 million. And regarding his salary, it is estimated at $15,500,000 Annually

Barry Bonds Net worth, salary, deal, and contract

Barry Bonds' Net worth reportedly in 2018 is around $80 million, regarding his salary, he earns an estimated amount of $15,500,000 Annually.

Let's take a look at Barry Bonds career earning, he has earned $188,245,322 as a baseball star. Barry Bonds has also signed a two-year contract with San Franciso Giants with $22.9 million from which he has earned the highest average salary of $11.5 million.

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The 32-year-old leftfield has the earning schedule of $9.7 million this season and has $8.5 million next year at $43.75 million. Further, in past, he signed the multiple deals as a free agent in December 1992 for $9.7 million in 1999 and $10.7 million in 2000.

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Afterwards, Barry Bond has also signed a 1-year contract with Giant for $15.5 million.

Barry Bond's Cars

Apart from his interest in baseball, Barry Bond is an avid cyclist. This activity has become one of the band's primary means of keeping in shape and the great passion since his playing career.

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Taking about Bond's cars he has bought a car of 1994 Porsche which estimated worth is about $ 81,900.

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Barry Bond's House

During Bond's 22 year career he has bought the home in Hillsborough at $6.6 million. The house is spread at 5,170-square-foot on a large island.

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Moreover, he has also bought a Beverly Park estate mansion which he has listed for sale at the price of $36 million. The house is spread in 17,100-square-foot. Among living spaces are a walnut-paneled office, a game room, 12-seat theater, a gym, and a wine cellar.

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Barry Bonds' Beverly Park mansion was sold for $26.5 million. The House is spread od 17,100 square feet which include a sports court, two-story guest house, an olive grove and a swimming pool.