Disclose 15 Years Old Actress Jenna Ortega's Net Worth and Earnings in 2018; Know her Career Journey and Popularity on Social Media

An American actress, Jenna Ortega aka Jenna Marie Ortega who is best known for her roles in Stuck in the Middle on Disney Channel has made herself a famed artist after her candid posts in the newly popular acting app, Musically and has earned lots of money through it.


We all show interest in the life of a successful star and research about their personal as well as professional life. But today we are going to discuss the professional journey of the 15-years actress and her net worth in 2018. We will also disclose her popularity on the social media sites like YouTube and Musically. So stay tuned to know about her.

Jenna Ortega's Net worth in 2018

What do you think of as a high sum of money you can earn when you are in the middle of your teenage days? Thousands of dollars or millions? Well, the actress Jenna Ortega has already earned herself a huge pay in just a small age. Let me shock you all by disclosing her total net worth.

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CAPTION: Jenna Ortega SOURCE: Instagram

She is already a millionaire. Jenna Ortega's net worth is around $2 million. It has all become possible through her acting career. Let’s have a look at the earnings of her movies in the box office. 


Box office earning

Iron Man 3

$1.215 billion

Insidious: Chapter 2

$161.9 million

After Words

$13.231 million

Jenna Ortega's Career Journey

Showing interest in the acting career at the age of six sounds a bit crazy as it is the time to play with friends. Actress Jenna showed her interest in acting at the age of six to her parent, but her mother thought that she was not serious about it at that time.

CAPTION: Jenna Ortega with her mother SOURCE: Instagram

Later on, her mother saw her talent and passion for her acting and took her to audition with the help of an agent. And this is how she began her career at the age of eight in 2010. After her audition, she got professional acting training and made her debut at the TV series Rob.

YouTube: Jenna Ortega on Rob

With her extraordinary performance on the second series CSI: NY she got a chance to play the role of Vice President’s daughter in Iron Man 3. It became all possible through her skill of acting at that small age.

CAPTION: Jenna Ortega as the daughter of vice president in the movie Iron Man 3 SOURCE: Disney Wiki Fandom

After that, she has appeared in more than a dozen of sitcoms and films. Almost all of her filmography has been successful. Also, these days, she is busy in her professional career as she is playing in two series consecutively.

Jenna Ortega popularity on Musically and YouTube

The actress has been a sensation in the YouTube since she started acting in the Musically App. Her videos of acting have become a major show for the app lovers. This app has led the actress to be more famous than she was before.

The founding of the Musically app has come up as a boon for the American actress, Jenna Ortega as she has become able to show her series of acting skills to her fans and those of interest.