Director Larry Charles, age 59, shares why he never got married

HitBerryPublished on   06 Jan, 2016Updated on   06 Jan, 2016

Director Larry Charles has finally revealed why he is still unmarried!!

On screen, Charles has directed many a wedding scenes. Yet, in real life, director Larry Charles is yet to find that special woman, with whom he would spend the rest of his life. Now, at the age of 59, it is hard to say if Charles will ever marry. But that leaves the question, why has he not been married until now? We have the inside scoop on why Larry Charles is still unmarried.

In a recent interview, he was asked if he ever planned on marrying. Well, that probably wasn’t the first time he was asked that question. The popular director is often asked this question while being interviewed, and he often (always) has the same answer, “I haven’t met the one.”

Well, Well, Well... They do say marriage is a very important ordeal. And Charles must find his other half soon, if he wants to get married that is. The interviewer also asked whether Charles was gay and if that had stopped him from a marital commitment. Charles, without a hint of anger, cleared up the rumor by saying that he was indeed straight.

Throughout his lifetime, Larry Charles has been in relationships with a lot of women. But none of them were serious enough for both parties to commit themselves fully. A lot of interviewers have repeatedly tried to get further by asking more personal questions regarding this matter. Yet, everyone has failed! All he ever says is that he has yet to find the love of his life.

Charles is most famous for his work as a script writer for the famous series, “Seinfeld”. Remember that hit series that used to air before the “Friends” became popular? Anyways, it is worth noting that although he is more of a director than a screen-writer, his most famous work came as a script-writer.

Charles was responsible for the darkest of storylines in the otherwise humorous series. He was the mastermind behind scripting Jerry Seinfeld’s death. Plus, many of his scripted episodes failed to be aired. Nonetheless, his impact was notable as Charles contributed a great storyline to the otherwise comical series.

As a director, he has some great works in his bag as well. This includes directing shows and movies like Borat and Bruno, Religulous and the super hit comedy movie, The Dictator. Yes, that very famous wadia wadia movie! And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, add The Dictator to your movies-to-watch list. The movie was also a huge success, contributing a lot to increase Charles net worth.  

So, Charles is yet to find a partner. And we definitely know why. Well, maybe that is not the most convincing of reasons. Anyways, who are we to force Charles into getting married?

We do hope Charles gets married soon. If he does, we’ll have the news covered.