Director Justin Lin, age 42, opens up about what he finds attractive in a girlfriend while dating

January 27, 2016
First Published On: January 27, 2016
by HitBerry

Justin Lin, the Taiwanese American director, has opened up about the attractive qualities he looks for in a girl while dating. The director, at the age of 45, has finally laid out the qualities he looks for in a girl. And may we say that they are very modest qualities by standards of a Hollywood Director. 

According to our sources Mr. Lin has said that a girl has to be wife material. He apparently wants a girlfriend whom he can make his wife. Sources say that unlike his past relationships he is now looking for a girl who is not a celebrity. She reportedly wants a normal life away from the showbiz.

Sources also say that he has talked about his past relationships and has said that sometimes things do not work your way. He has been in two relationships, out of which one has ended in a divorce, according to our sources. He has not been seeing anyone currently, but is in the market for a girlfriend. He is also rated as one of the most eligible bachelors of 2016.

Sources say that he had married his college sweet heart which ended in an unpleasant divorce. As of now, the middle aged director has put his past behind and is starting fresh in the dating world, according to our sources. He is looking to get married and start a family and has even thought about having children, as per our sources.

Justin Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan and moved with his family to Cyprus, California. He first attended the University of California, San Diego where he obtained his Bachelors in Film and Television and moved to University of California, Las Vegas (UCLA). This is where his career began, while getting his Master’s in Film Production and Direction from the UCLA Film School. He listed his first feature film Shopping For Fangs along with his colleagues in UCLA.

He also directed two short films, out of which one premiered in the Sundance Short Film Festival while still at Film School in UCLA.

The celebrated director has directed and produced various movies and TV shows. Some of his greatest works include Better Luck Tomorrow, which was his solo project. The film premiered in Sundance Film Festival in 2002. The Film was also selected for Toronto Film Festival and many other awards. The Film launched Lin’s career in the industry.

He is also known for directing the world famous Fast and Furious Franchise. He is also going to direct the Star Trek movie, which is set to premier in 2016. The celebrated director has an estimated net worth of more than $50 million US dollars. Justin Lin’s net worth is only going to increase in the future.