Director David Cronenberg, age 72, did something truly special this Valentines day for his wife, married for over 25 years

How did you celebrate Valentine’ Day of 2016? Did you go out with your girl? Buy her some expensive presents? Made love to her? Whatever you did, you lost against Cronenberg’s Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to love, age is the last factor to be concerned about. Despite being 72 years of age, David Cronenberg really knows how to hit the mark and he has shown how Valentine’s Day is meant to be celebrated.

Cronenberg’s first marriage was a failure. Despite being married for 7 years, he divorced his former wife Margaret Hindson. After 2 years, he found a new suitable partner for him and this couple rocks.

David Cronenberg and Carolyn Zeifman have been married since 1979. That’s 37 years of togetherness!! While, for many, these long years may cause the effect of diminishing marginal utility, for David he makes it special every time.

He has proved that it does not take a fancy gift, a diamond necklace or a Lamborghini to make your woman happy on this day. It also does not certainly take an orchid or a rose or a roomful of bouquet.

What is takes is reliving your first day together, your first date and that place which reminds you of how long you have been together for. Not material presents, but memories and a sweet reminder that being old is only for the world, that for her you are as young as you ever were.

This is exactly what he did. He relived his first day with his wife and made it a day to remember. Not many have the conviction do all this, but David did, albeit his age. 72 years and still as romantic as ever, we found it so romantic that he could have even starred in his own version of ‘How I met your mother’. Director by profession, he really knows how to direct his own love story.

David Cronenberg is a professional at what he does. He has successfully directed dozens of movies, television series and commercials. Cronenberg has also appeared in a few movies and made cameos in few others. His horror style of directing is what makes him different from other directors out there.

He has even explicitly said in an interview that he has no desire to go beyond directing this gruesome movies because it is what ‘defines’ him. And it’s not as if we won’t watch his movies. We know they are yucky and we love it.

Some of the best movies that he has directed are The Fly (1986), Spider (2002) and A Dangerous Method (2011). As a director he really knows how to run a chill through the audience’s spine. He is regarded as one of the most successful directors today.

His net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $15 million dollars.