Diego Luna finally recovering from his divorce with ex-wife Camila Sodi; a look back into their married life!!

HitBerryPublished on   05 Dec, 2015Updated on   06 May, 2021

Diego Luna, the Mexican sex symbol, has recovered from his divorce that had left him emotionally distressed. He was married to Camila Sodi, who also happens to be a Mexican singer.

Diego married Camila in 2008 in a very intimate wedding ceremony in Mexico City. After just seven months into their marriage, they welcomed their first child Jeronimo and in the summer of 2010, they welcomed their daughter Fiona into their family. Fiona is also the name of Luna’s late mother.

Diego and Camila were the most speculated and followed couple in all of Mexico. They were time and again considered the most adorable celebrity couple in the country and were said to be global ambassadors of the Mexican film industry.

Diego and Luna first met in the year 2007 when they were filming the movie “The Night Buffalo “. Ever since then, they had been inseparable and were seen together attending various functions and a number of film festivals globally.

Diego and Luna, in the beginning of their marriage, were extremely supportive of each other’s works and were seen working together in a number of projects too.  However, things began going south for them in late 2009 when Diego was rumored to have been having an affair with Pamela Manzur.

Even after the rumor had gained widespread attention, the Mexican power couple continued to present a united and happy front in the public’s eye. However, their pretentious nature caught up to them and they decided to end their marriage.

In late 2013, the couple announced their separation through mutual consent and also stated that they will continue their relationship on a cordial basis for the sake of their children. Sources close to them have said that Diego had been unfaithful to Camila since 2010 and was forgiven more times than he should have been until she deicide that it was too much to ask of her.

Camilia, who was a former model and actress known for her various cover shots in prominent fashion magazines, decided to enter into the music industry after the split. Diego immersed himself into artistic film making and has been a huge success in various film festivals like Cannes and Tribeca.

Diego, after his split, was rumored to be dating Olga Segura, who co-starred with him in the popular US movie “Elysium”. The two were seen and photographed getting intimate with each other on a number of occasions.  Sources close to them have said Olga is certainly Diego’s girlfriend at the moment.

Diego, known in the entertainment world for his handsome looks, hails from a British and Mexican ethnicity. His father was British and mother was of a Mexican descent. Diego lost his mother at the age of two and his father inspired him to become an actor and fulfill his mother’s wishes.

Diego’s net worth is estimated to be around $24 Million dollar.