Did you know "The Good Wife" star Kalinda Sharma was married? Meet her husband Rajesh Nihalani

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The name of the character of Kalinda Sharma in the popular American TV shows “The Good Wife" is Archie Panjabi. She is also the first person of Indian origin to win a Primetime Emmy Award for her portrayal of Kalinda Sharma in the show. So, is she married or still dating?

Today, besides her professional career, we will let you know about the personal life of Kalinda Sharma. Check it out:

"The Good Wife" star Kalinda Sharma was married?

Archie Panjabi, like all Indian women during the 90’s, had an arranged marriage, something clearly unlikely to be even heard of in the West, but which is a common phenomenon in the Indian culture.

Archie married prior to the turn of the millennium to a bespoke tailor from an Indian family in London. The name of her husband is Rajesh Nihalani. He runs the famous bespoke tailoring outfit, Imperial Tailoring in London’s famous Savile Row.

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Archie and Rajesh married when she was twenty-four years old in London. However, at present, the couple are living separately as Archie’s career called her to the states while Rajesh is still based in London. Even though the distance separated them, Archie openly talks about the bond and love.

In a recently conducted interview after her Emmy win, when she was asked about her husband, she said:

He’s my best friend and he’s very honest. He’s always been very supportive. You can have all the agents and publicist in the world but no one’s ever going to give you a hundred and ten percent like someone who loves you"

Archie Panjabi [ CAPTION: Archie Panjabi ][ SOURCE: Pinterest ]

When people asked her about the backwardness of arranged marriage, she replied the major misconception about arranged marriage. The people involved aren’t total strangers as there’s always some sort of familiarity that is present or that develops before marriage.

More on Archie Panjabi

Archie, coming from a conservative society, had a difficult time in establishing her professional career as an actress. Her mother supported her throughout her early days, the days filled with hardships and disappoints. But, she was constantly looked down upon by her relatives who even went to the extent of telling her that “acting is a low-class profession”.

Panjabi had a very successful career both in TV and Movies which has made her breakthrough early on in her career with her role in the British comedy series East is East. However, her most notable role till date was in the highly acclaimed 2002 movie Bend it Like Beckham, where she starred alongside Keira Knightly.

Archie Panjabi [ CAPTION: Archie Panjabi ][ SOURCE: Image ]

She featured alongside Hollywood big names like Rachel Weisz in the Oscar-winning movie The Constant Gardner. She also acted alongside Angelina Jolie in A Mighty Heart and her most recent movie was San Andreas, where she starred alongside Dwayne Johnson.

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Her upcoming projects include Brooklyn Nine-Nine seasons 2 and she is also working on a film whose name remains undisclosed by the studio.

Archie is a popular figure among Indian nationals living outside of India. She shares every personal detail on her social sites like Instagram and Twitter.