Did Robin Baumgarten get Divorce? Know about her Wedding and Married Life

Everyone get interested to know about the personal life of actor and actress but few people only show interest in the life of news reporter who keeps us informed about the real situation of the world. Today we are going to talk about such same personality, Robin Baumgarten.

Do you know who Robin Baumgarten is? If you don’t then, she is the news reporter of WGN-TV. Baumgarten is a world-class reporter who has won Emmy Award for the three time. Scroll down to know detail about her personal life on our page.

Did Robin Baumgarten get divorced?

The personal life of the news reporter Robin Baumgarten has always been private so it’s hard to trace out her information on the internet. But after lots of research we have just come to know that she was married to Matt but now divorced.

[ CAPTION: Robin Baumgarten ][ SOURCE: wgnradio ]

As she remains secretive about her personal life the detail about her marriage and divorce date is not disclosed till the date. But according to some tabloids, we came to know that she was divorced just after the birth of her second daughter.

She maintains secrecy when it comes to his former husband. Reason for their divorce is also unknown to her fans and followers. So what do you think the reason for her divorce with her husband?

Robin Baumgarten's Children

Well as we have already know that she was married. She has two daughters from her former husband. She gave birth to her first daughter, Anna on 5th July 2002. After 2 years of having a first child, she welcomed her second daughter, Mary on 22nd July 2004.

[ CAPTION: Robin's Daughters ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Despite having a busy life, Robin somehow manages to spend quality time with her daughters. She uses to spend her off time with them and also take them to different places for vacation. According to her post on social media platform, it seems to be a very caring mother and there is a good bond between Robin Baumgarten and her daughters.

[ CAPTION: Robin’s Family ][ SOURCE: Facebook ]

Even after having lots of difficulties in her married life, she still maintained to keep good professional life. Being a news reporter she is busy in her professional career as well as taking care of her daughter as a single mother.