Did Mike Holmes divorce from Alexandra Lorex? Is Holmes married again?

HitBerryPublished on   09 Dec, 2016Updated on   12 Feb, 2018

Mike Holmes is a favorite Canadian TV show host and a construction contractor from Canada. We all know his as a full of life and enthusiastic host for Holmes and homes and Holmes does it right but how many of us know about his personal life and his heartbreaking failure of his first marriage?


Holmes did get out of his first marriage and found Anna Zapia after being officially divorced with Alexandra Lorex. The Canadian TV star refers Anna as his wife several times in the show but the couple still is in a living in relationship unmarried to each other. 

Mike has two grown-up children from his previous wedding and it looks like Mike and Anna are very much willing to start their family together in a short future.

Marriage swiped away by 1990s recession

Let's take a look at the tragic separation of Alexandra Lorex and Mike Holmes. We all know the economic crisis this world faced in 1990's. That crisis swept away Mike's happy home too. Holmes and Lorex were married in their teenage, in 1982. The couple was struggling to get a good life for their children.

Caption: Mike Holmes and Alexandra Lorex while she was pregnant

As a small contractor, he was gaining some success but the 90's recession wiped away all he had and his marriage was jeopardized as well. He had to give up on his married life and was restricted to visit his children as well.

He hit the rock bottom and later regained success after he started working for a show that was dedicated to rebuilding houses.

The Successful show host found love again

Mike Holes found another beautiful lady in 2000. He is in a relationship with a hot and sexy girlfriend Anna Zapia from sixteen long years. Mike in his shows frequently refers to Anna as his wife but no record of their wedding is found till today's date. 

Caption: Mike with his Girlfriend Anna

The couple is in a living together relationship and has no children together from their more than one decade-long relationship. Though Mike hints that he is getting married to his longtime lover, all of his fans are waiting for the good news.


The couple is living happily together till today's date and we have heard no rumors of their separation. And it looks like Mike and Anna have accepted the children from his previous wedding as their own kids which may be the reason that they are not inviting any newborn to the family.

The father and his two adorable children appear on his show sometimes and help his father build homes for needy too. We hope the couple will share their wedding date in the near future.  

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