Did Inside Edition host Deborah Norville, age 59, get a plastic surgery?? Get a complete analysis

HitBerryPublished on   30 Nov, 2015Updated on   27 Apr, 2021

Rumors have long been floating on the internet that the" Inside Edition" host Deborah Norville had gotten a plastic surgery. The American Journalist, who made a one-time appearance in 2015 TV series "The Game", is considered by many to be too hot for her age. The TV anchor, who was born in August 1958, is 59 years old. But her face looks as if it has almost forgotten to age.

Norville has been hosting news magazine program "Inside Edition" for  20 years now. Yet, she looks almost the same as she did at the beginning of the show.  This has made many of her followers suspicious as to if she had plastic surgery done regularly.

While some of her fans claim that she is naturally an ageless beauty, most followers of her hit TV show ‘Inside Edition’ are all but certain that the journalist had plastic surgery. People who believe that she had a plastic surgery claim that a closer comparisons between her older and newer photographs reveals  some difference between her former and current self.

Deborah Noville has been presenting "Inside Edition" to American viewer since 1995. The show is one of the main reasons behind her world wide popularity. Believers of the claim, suggest that Deborah Noville feared about losing her position as the host of Inside Out when her beauty wore out. This compelled her to get surgery done in hopes of maintaining her position as the show's anchor.

In the glamorous world of tele-journalism, journalists are expected to look stunningly beautiful, each and every time. The face of the journalist is often the selling point of the show. This can create an environment where journalist feel pressured to always look young and attractive. Female journalist, especially, are expected to keep themselves looking fresh and young. Plastic surgery is often the easiest solution to this predicament.

Although the internet has made a compelling case that the anchor might have gotten a plastic surgery, along with her before and after pictures, the actress has yet to accept or deny the claim. This has given rise to several speculations. However, without actress final say so, it cannot be confirmed if she really had a surgery or not.

With or without plastic surgery, Deborah Noville has one of the most easily recognized faces in television industry today. She has an effortlessly charming smile and elegant hair. She is one of the front runners in the entertainment industry and her show is among the most watched in network television.  

She has over 33k twitter followers. She brings home close to a million dollars as her yearly salary and her net worth exceeds $5 million dollars.