Desperate Housewives star Mark Moses, age 57, shares the secret to his long happy married life with wife Annie LaRussa

January 4, 2016
First Published On: January 4, 2016

Marriages in Hollywood generally don’t last long. Divorce, extra-marital affairs, hookups and heartbreaks are common in the glittery world of entertainment. In this industry, where stable relationship seems improbable, actor Mark Moses has been in married to his wife Annie LaRusa for a long time. The actor revealed to our sources what makes their marriage so stable.

The actor revealed that trust and love is cornerstone of the great relationship that he shares with his wife. He claimed that his wife has always been together with him through the good and bad times of his life and he has returned the favor.

“I know all that is to know about her and she knows all about me. All my little secrets, she knows them. When I’m sad, she can correctly guess the reason behind my sadness. When I’m happy, she is ready to celebrated with me”, the actor told the source. “She is an amazing woman. She works very hard to ensure that I and my kids are happy”, he further added.

He also suggested that for a relationship to work, both the partners should share at least a common interest. He claimed the passion for acting that he shares with his wife has made them even closer.

The actor has two sons with his wife, Walker and Zane. He currently resides in Studio City, California with his family. People close to him describe his family as a supportive and helpful bunch of people.

Moses is a graduate of New York University with a degree in theater. His screen debut was through the 1985 television movie Big Shots in America. After that, the actor played major and minor roles in more than 100 movies and TV shows.

He has acted in popular TV series like Mad Men, Homeland, and Star Trek: Voyager, and Criminal Minds. He has also made appearances in commercially successful movies like Letter from Iwo Jima and Someone to Watch over Me.

The actor also won the Screen Actor Guild Awards in 2009 for the performance he gave in Mad Men. He has also won the same award for Desperate Housewives.

Moses is not active in social networking sites. He has neither an Instagram nor a Twitter account. It is suggested that the 57 years old movie star considers himself too old to be using social networking sites. His fans however wish that the actor join one of the popular social media sites to keep them updated about the latest happening in his life.

The actor has a very successful professional life. It is natural that his net worth is also valued high due to his professional success. His net worth is estimated to be about $2 million dollars.