Derek Kaplan' Husband Fredrik Eklund's Net Worth: Know in Detail about his Salary, Career, and Awards

No matter what age is you and no matter what gender, you will always get a chance to earn a decent amount of money. Fredrick Eklund, Swedish New York City-based real estate broker who is also better known as a gay porn actor has accumulated a handsome amount of money from his multi-professions.

Besides Eklund's personal life, people are quite curious to know about his net worth, sources of income, house, cars collection, total income, and more regarding his income. Check it out:

Know about the Fredrik Eklund's Net Worth

The son of Klas Eklund and the brother of author Sigge Eklund, Fredrik Eklund first worked for the financial newspaper Finanstidningen. In 2000, Eklund created an internet company with over forty-five employees serving for the investment bank SEB including London, Singapore, Stockholm, and Tokyo.

Youtube: Fredrick Eklund's interview in the Morning show

In the process to pursue a career in real estate brokerage, Eklund moved to New York City where he ended up being a gay porn actor. He appeared in six porn movies including the Hole which won him a GayVn award.

With no regrets being gay and a porn star, he further carried out his residential estate career. As of now, Eklund disclosed over $5 billion in the residential real estate. Besides, he became the founder of Eklund Stockholm New York.

Also, Fredrick Eklund is also one of three New York City brokers who starred in the sixth season of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York.  Well, as of 2018, Fredrick Eklund's net worth is estimated be around $4 million.

Know about the Fredrick Eklund's House and Cars

Fredrick has been able to manage the lavish lifestyles. He owns 5,144 square-foot Georgian-Style home comprising lush greenery, lounge area, and chic pool.

[ CAPTION: Fredrick's house ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

The house is situated at Roxbury, Connecticut. Here are the interior pictures of the house. Check it out:

[ CAPTION: Multi-talented Fedrick Eklund's house-interior design ][ SOURCE: pinimg ]
[ CAPTION: Fedrick Eklund's house-interior design ][ SOURCE: Instagram ]

Similarly, Million Dollar Listing New York actor also owns an apartment in New York City, Manhattan which costs around $3.25 million.

[ CAPTION: Fredrick's jaw-dropping rooms  in Manhattan ][ SOURCE: bravotv ]

Earlier, he also sold apartments to renowned celebrities like Cameron Diaz, John Legend, and Daniel Craig.

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Talking about his cars, Fedrick also owns many expensive supercars including, Lamborghini, Maserati, Royal Royce Phantom, and so on.

[ CAPTION: Fredrick's car ][ SOURCE: pinimg ]

Analysing the total cost of his car collections, he has spent almost $5 million on it.

[ CAPTION: Fredrick's Lamborghini ][ SOURCE: nyppagesix ]

Currently, Fedrick Eklund is living a happy life with his spouse, Derek Kaplan who is a painter. We must say, Eklund is successfully maintaining his personal as well as professional career.