Dennis Quaid's Love Story: Unraveling His Wife and Girlfriend Chronicles

Dennis Quaid, the actor who has captured our hearts with his performances in movies such as Far from Heaven, The Day After Tomorrow, Frequency, and Innerspace, is not only a master of his craft but also a romantic at heart. His journey through love has been as captivating as his on-screen roles. 

Currently happily married to Laura Savoie, Dennis has experienced the ebb and flow of love, having been previously married to Kimberly Buffington, Meg Ryan, and P.J. Soles. Each relationship has added a unique chapter to his life story, much like the diverse characters he has portrayed on the silver screen. 

Finds Joy In Marriage With Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie's love story took a surprising and romantic turn when they tied the knot on June 2, 2020. Opting for a more intimate celebration, the couple chose to elope in the beautiful surroundings of Santa Barbara, exchanging vows at a charming seaside resort. 

LauraDennis Quaid with his wife Laura Savoie SOURCE: Access Hollywood YouTube Channel

Dennis and Laura's journey toward marital bliss encountered a plot twist when their original plan for a Hawaiian wedding had to be postponed due to the unforeseen challenges brought about by the global pandemic. 

One of the remarkable aspects of Quaid and Savoie's union is the notable 39-year age gap between them, a detail that has sparked curiosity and conversations. Yet, amidst the whispers and raised eyebrows, the couple has shown that love knows no bounds. 

How Did Quaid Asked His Wife To Marry Him? 

Dennis' proposal to Savoie was nothing short of a heartwarming and spontaneous moment. Engaged in October 2019, he revealed that the proposal had been in the works for about a month and a half. Desiring an intimate and private setting, he chose a picturesque location – the very northernmost point of Oahu at Turtle Bay. 

The proposal unfolded during a serene sunset. Seizing the moment, Dennis handed Laura the engagement ring while she was taking a selfie of the two of them. With the ring unexpectedly in front of her, he asked the all-important question, "Will you marry me?" The result? A delightful surprise, not only capturing the essence of their love but also a literal moment of Laura falling, perhaps overwhelmed with joy and astonishment. 

A Love At First Site For Quaid

Quaid and Savoie's love story began at a business event in 2019, where the stars aligned and fate played its part. Their introduction, orchestrated by a mutual friend, set the stage for a love that he describes as "love at first sight." 

DennisDennis Quaid and Laura Savoie at an event SOURCE: US Weekly YouTube Channel

From that initial meeting, a journey of companionship unfolded, and Quaid and Savoie found in each other a source of joy and understanding. Their story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, love surprises us when we least expect it, and in the unlikeliest of places. 

About Quaid's Wife Laura Savoie

Laura Savoie is not only a beacon of love in Dennis Quaid's life but also an accomplished professional. As a Founding Partner of Bonniedale Films, she has left her mark on the world of entertainment. Beyond the glitz of Hollywood, her resume boasts impressive credentials, including being a certified public accountant and holding a real estate license. 

Savioe's dedication to education is evident in her academic journey, having earned a Bachelor's degree from Pepperdine University, a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master's degree from The University of Texas at Austin - -Red McCombs School of Business. 

Past Marriages Of The Actor

Kimberly Buffington

Quaid's journey through love includes a chapter with his last wife, Kimberly Buffington, whom he married on the Fourth of July in 2004. Their union spanned a substantial 12 years, marked by shared joys and challenges that life brings. 

KimberlyDennis Quaid and Kimberly Buffington at the Golden Globes SOURCE: Entertainment Tonight YouTube Channel

The significance of Quaid and Buffington's wedding date celebrated each Independence Day, seemed to mirror the freedom and unity they found in each other.  

Dennis and Kimberly's love story began with a chance encounter in the heart of Texas. In 2003, fate played its hand as a mutual friend introduced them at a dinner in Austin. The spark that ignited that evening set the stage for a romantic journey that would unfold over the following years. 

The End Of Kimberly's Marriage

The chapter of separation between Quaid and Buffington unfolded as she filed for divorce in 2016, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the underlying cause. The legal proceedings reached their conclusion on April 27, 2018, marking the official end of their marital journey. 

In the aftermath of their divorce, financial details emerged, revealing that Kimberly received a $2 million payout, underscoring the complexities of untangling shared assets. Additionally, Dennis committed to providing nearly $14,000 a month for child support, reflecting his dedication to ensuring the well-being of their family. 

Meg Ryan

The love story of Dennis Quaid and his second wife, Meg Ryan began with a romantic touch as they exchanged vows on Valentine's Day in 1991. For over a decade, their lives were intertwined in the tapestry of marriage until they faced a turning point. 

MegMeg Ryan in a Photoshoot SOURCE: Meg Ryan Instagram @megryan

In June 2000, Quaid and Ryan made the difficult decision to separate, marking a shift in the trajectory of their relationship. Despite the challenges, the official end of their marriage came on July 16, 2001

Dennis and Meg's love story began amidst the lights and cameras of Hollywood. The initial spark of their connection ignited while filming the 1987 sci-fi movie "Innerspace," where their paths first crossed. However, it wasn't until they teamed up again for the 1988 thriller "D.O.A." that their professional collaboration blossomed into something more personal. 

What Caused The Marriage With Ryan To End?

The once-charmed union of Quaid and Ryan faced a tumultuous chapter as she embarked on a challenging journey that eventually led to their divorce. The strains in their marriage became evident when she became involved in a passionate affair with Russell, unraveling the threads of their relationship, as reported in Lainey Gossip

Meg later opened up about the complexities of their marital struggles, revealing that infidelity was not one-sided. In a candid revelation, she expressed the pain of discovering that Dennis had not been faithful to her for an extended period. The revelation painted a poignant picture of a relationship facing internal turbulence, where trust had been eroded over time. The public disclosure added layers to their narrative, showcasing the vulnerability and complexities that often accompany the dissolution of high-profile relationships. 

P.J Soles

Dennis Quaid's first venture into matrimony led him to P.J. Soles, and their love story unfolded as they exchanged vows on November 23, 1978. However, their journey together lasted until August 23, 1983, when the chapter of their marriage came to a close. 

P.JDennis Quaid's first wife, P.J Soles SOURCE: YouTube

In contrast to the public scrutiny often associated with celebrity unions, Dennis and P.J. chose to keep most of the details of their marriage private. Their decision to maintain a level of secrecy around their personal lives added an air of mystery to their relationship. 

How Had Dennis Encountered His First Wife?

Quaid's first encounter with his future wife, P.J. Soles, unfolded on the set of "Our Winning Season" in 1978, a movie that would set the stage for the beginning of their love story, as reported in Country Living

In the film, Dennis portrayed the character Paul Morelli, while P.J. brought Cindy Hawkins to life. The magic of moviemaking not only allowed them to step into fictional roles but also created the real-life backdrop for the genesis of their relationship. 

Past Relationships Of The Actor

Dennis Quaid's romantic journey has been a tapestry woven with various relationships and engagements. In the mid-1980s, he was engaged to Lea Thompson, sharing a chapter of his life with the talented actress. The complexities of love led him to other relationships, including ones with Santa Auzina from 2016 to 2019, Anna Poche in 2002-2003, Cynthia Garrett in 2002, Shanna Moakler in 2001, and Andie MacDowell in the same year. 

Each connection represents a unique thread in the intricate fabric of Dennis's personal history, revealing a mosaic of experiences that spans decades. The ebb and flow of love in his life showcase not only the diverse paths he has walked but also the lessons learned and the growth experienced through the ups and downs of relationships. 


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