Denis Villeneuve and his wife Macha, who have been married for a while expecting a baby together?

March 30, 2016
First Published On: March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Are Denis Villeneuve and his wife Macha Grenon expecting for a baby together? The long time married couple, Villeneuve and Grenon are still not able to become parents and it’s a sad thing for them, like every couple. Maybe, the couple is expecting for a baby but they have not declared it officially.

There might be certain reasons of not having a baby which the couple is hiding behind thick bedding. The couple is not ready to speak up about having no babies. Which couple would not want to bear babies? Having a baby is the most important part of married life! Whatever the reasons might be, we wish the couple to be soon blessed with their children.   

A little-known art house French-Canadian has now become one of the hottest directors of Hollywood. He is no other than Denis. Like other entertainers, he started his journey in the entertainment industry through a struggling period. He first began his career making short films. But we know, if we have talent then nobody can push us behind, similarly, Villeneuve won the Radio Canada’s youth film competition in La course Europe- Asia in 1900-1.  

The director, who was completely unknown about his future success had never thought that he would get such a big place in film industry. He was embraced by success after the movie Maelstrom, which screened at film festivals worldwide and won dozens of awards. The work of Villeneuve was so noticeable in that movie and he was able to catch the attention of a mass of people.

Then, Villeneuve started to climb up his ladder of success, his movie Incendies which was chosen to represent Canada at the 83rd Academy Awards in the category of Best Foreign Language Film and was eventually nominated for the award. And the same movie was enlisted as one of the Best Movie of 2011.

Again his marvelous movie, Prisoners was another step to success, which won numbers of awards and is enlisted in ‘top 250 films of all time’ list. Following the success, another movie Enemy, won the best director award at the 2nd Canadian Screen awards and even won the cash prize of $100,000 from the Toronto Film Critics association for the Best Canadian Film of the year 2015.

Another thriller movie, Sicario made a commercial success by doing the business of nearly $80 million worldwide.

Villeneuve’s back to back super hit movies gave him enormous success in his field of directing and seems happy in his every interview. The director who preferred to make his own movies at home, with not a lot of money and was free to make movies the way he love is now a world famous director and is earning the net worth of estimated $7 million.