Demi Harman and boyfriend Alec Snow, who've been dating since last year, still happy. Rumors of a matching tattoo???

August 13, 2015
First Published On: August 13, 2015
by HitBerry

When Demi Harman and her former boyfriend Tyler Atkins broke up earlier last year, nobody had ever thought that the beautiful Australian, aged 22, would date someone so soon. But she proved everybody wrong and started dating her co-star Alec Snow from the Australian soap opera, Home and Away.

Alec and Demi, who played the role of on-screen couple, started going out last year. Till now, they seem very happy together. The pair has openly expressed their love for each other and said that they were happy to be sharing their life with each other. They are often considered a picture perfect couple and the lovely duo have really changed the concept that one shouldn’t possibly date one’s co-star.

 But to be fair, Demi was not really sure about dating her man. Talking to Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson during a chat on KIIS 106.5 FM earlier this year, the actress revealed how she was originally skeptic about dating Alec on first place. She said that she was not sure whether to date her Home and Away co-star because she never wanted to get romantically involved with someone at work.

She said: ‘We dated on the show for ten months before we got together. I was working against it and he was working for it. I never wanted to date anyone at work.

'I was like: 'I don't want to be that girl on Home And Away that dates her [on-screen] boyfriend,'' she explained.

But despite all the odds, the couple confirmed the news of their dating last year. And now these two look happier than ever. It looks like Alec seemed to have impressed the gorgeous beauty so much that she was compelled to change her mind. The couple is ecstatic and cherishing every moment together.

 'We’re very happy, we’re best friends which is good, that’s really important in any relationship,' the actress said when asked about her relationship with her beau.

Demi Harman left Home and Away this year and is currently working in Melbourne whereas her beloved partner is in Sydney. The Better Homes and Gardens host left Sydney to pursue her career.  The actress has recently landed a role on Winners and Losers and is maintaining a long distance relationship with Alec. She seems to be doing quite well as she revealed to News Corp: 'I'm into my third week in Melbourne and it's pretty easy at this stage.

'Everything has fallen into place for both of us. We're both working and staying busy so it's good.

'It is early days (but) we are so used to being so close together proximity-wise that it is kind of almost nice that we have this distance.’

 Despite being far from each other, the duo still maintains a very close relationship and Demi even confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that they two were in a great place.

The actress revealed her new role via Instagram and Twitter and even shared a photo of herself holding the clapperboard featuring the show's name.

Before being romantically involved with Alec, the hot young actress dated Kundalini yoga devotee Tyler Atkins. Her former boyfriend and yoga fanatic had countless tattoos on his body, most prominently being the one with a rainbow and hearts. There has been a rumor that Demi shares a common tattoo with her present boyfriend Alec but it is totally false as she does not have any etching on her body. It is her ex love flame Atkins who has his whole body covered in tattoos