Dell Curry's wife Sonya Curry's Married Life: Know about her Children

Former NBA player Dell Curry is the name that stands out from the heard of nonentity. Dell played from 1986 to 2002 and retired as the Charlotte Hornets making outstanding records.

More recently, Dell is working as a color commentator, in conjunction with Eric Collins and Stephanie Ready on Charlotte Hornets TV shows. He is the father of the NBA players Seth Curry and Stephen Curry.

Dell’s professional life is like an open book to us but what about his personal life? Aren’t you curious enough to turn some pages of his personal life and know how compatible is he with his wife and children?

Stay with us to know in detail about Dell’s personal life:

Dell and Sonya first meeting: Know Dell Curry's Married Life and children

Dell Curry’s personal life seems as interesting as his professional life. He married the lady who belonged to the same industry. Back in the year 1980s, Dell first met his wife Sonya Curry who is former professional volleyball and basketball player at Virginia Tech. Since then the flame began between them.

Happily married husband and wife: Dell Curry and Sonya Curry Happily married husband and wife: Dell Curry and Sonya Curry, Source: Daily Mail 

Back then, Dell was standing in mid-point of his career while his wife was already a volleyball star. Their love gradually grew with the pace of time and finally, Dell asked her out after one of his matches.

After dating each other for eight, the pair tied the knot in 1988 and shifted to Charlotte, North Carolina after Dell had selected by the Charlotte Hornets in NBA expansion draft that year.

Dell Curry his wife and 3 children Dell Curry, his wife and 3 children, Source: Heavy

After going to North Carolina, Dell and Sonya began a family. The two have three children together, sons Stephen and Seth and a daughter Sydel. Nonetheless, there is no any news of them divorce.

Did you know Sonya got pregnant before marriage?

Many of you must be unaware of Sonya’s pregnancy news right? Well, Sonya was already pregnant when she got married to Dell. The couple welcomed the same baby boy on 14th March 1988 and named him Stephen Curry.

Sonya Curry wife of retired NBA player Sonya Curry wife of retired NBA player, Source: Gettyimages

Like father like son, currently Dell’s son is a professional NBA player who has undoubtedly a prolific career. Similar to his parents, Stephen is also happily married to an American-Canadian author, Ayesha Curry. Now, they are proud parents of two children. He has managed to balance his personal life and professional life at its best.

Dell Curry became father for the second time in 1990:

Dell and Sonya again welcomed their second baby on 1990 after few years of the birth of their first child Stephen. The duo kept their family trend alive by naming their second child’s name starting from “S” where they call him Seth Curry. Currently, Seth is in a relationship with Anastasia Simone Carrillo.

Now, it is justified that Dell Curry and Sonya Curry have a wonderful married life. Their lies, trust and mutual understanding is only the key to their successful marriage life.

Sonya Curry wife of retired NBA player Sonya Curry wife of retired NBA player, Source: l'union Suite

As the couple is going so strong there is almost no chance of a divorce to occur in their lives. There have been no rumors of cheating by either of them till date. The pair has a total of three children where their names are Stephen Curry, Seth Curry and the last one is Sydel Curry.

They seem to have amazing compatibility with their children and we hope their bonding remain same forever.