Deerhunter vocalist Bradford Cox, age 33, is gay???

January 14, 2016
First Published On: January 14, 2016
by HitBerry

Bradford Cox, the Deerhunter vocalist is a hundred and ten percent gay. Come on! Look at him and his dressing sense!! Anyone could tell, or at least suspect him of being homosexual.

Deerhunter vocalist Bradford Cox, age 33, is a bright star of our age. He has been an issue of wide ranges of controversies, from being a virgin to having many sexual relationships with fellow men.

It is not that the media has made him an issue about his orientation. It is entirely he himself who has confused the media regarding his sexual interest.

He has been spotted cross dressing numerous times. He seems to be fond of giving concerts wearing a girly one piece dress. Investigating more, his lyrics for Deerhunter Monomania is very gay.

The lyrics of the title song of Parallax follows,” He gave me pain, gave me bruises. After the first time, the muscle loosens." What could this line possibly be about, if not him describing a romance with a man? Still, we can let it slide as he could have sung this song from a female prospective.

Now what about the interview where he has explicitly claimed to be a gay? Moreover, in a 2011 interview with Rolling stone, he asserted that he likes to lead an asexual lifestyle as it is in his comfort zone and helps him avoid rejection.

Poor Bradford Cox!! He seem to love being asexual because he must have been rejected many times. The reason may be his genetic disorder, ‘Marfan syndrome’. Because of the disease he looks awkward, extra skinny and taller than average.

However, do not forget that he is a star, a big star. He is a renowned songwriter, vocalist and guitarist. Our sources reveals that he chose music as it is the one thing that soothes his nerves when every other people he comes in contact with would just disappoint him.

His parents got divorced when he was a teenager, leaving him alone. He could not formally complete his high school due to the disease he had. We could not possibly imagine his hardship and the roller-coaster life he has led. But his passion and talent for music is bigger than any other obstacle and now he is a star and a soaring success, in not only America but in the whole world.

He has not been spotted dating or with any girlfriend. And as for him being married, that is out of question. He is definitely not married.

His net worth is reported to be increasing in 2016. Obviously, his pocket is loaded as he is very popular and his songs rule the stereos of the world.

Weird Era Cont., Halcyon Digest, Monomania, Fading Frontier are some of his best contributions to the music industry.