Debra Winger's Love Life: Exploring Her Past Relationships and Partnerships

Debra Winger, the actress, is famous for her amazing performances in many movies. Some of the movies she's known for are "Terms of Endearment," "An Officer and a Gentleman," "Rachel Getting Married," and "Shadowlands." She has left a lasting impression on the world of entertainment with her incredible talent.

Winger's husband is Arliss Howard. Before marrying Arliss, she was married to Timothy Hutton. It's interesting how life can take unexpected turns, and relationships can change. Both her current and former husband are talented actors who have made their mark in Hollywood, and their personal lives have been a part of their fascinating journeys. 

Married To Arliss Howard

Debra Winger and Arliss Howard have been together since November 28, 1996, but they've chosen to keep much of their married life private. In an age where celebrities often share every aspect of their lives on social media, it's refreshing to see a couple who values their privacy. 

ArlissDebra Winger & Arliss Howard SOURCE: Hudson River Keeper YouTube Channel

While we might not know the ins and outs of their daily life together, what matters most is that Winger found happiness in each other's company for all these years, and that's something truly special. Sometimes, the most meaningful moments are the ones shared between two people, away from the spotlight.

Debra and Arliss's love story began on the set of the film "Wilder Napalm." It's a bit like a romantic movie plot coming to life. On a film set, amidst the hustle and bustle of creating movie magic, they found a connection that would eventually lead to something beautiful. 

Who Is Winger's Husband Arliss Howard?

Leslie Richard "Arliss" Howard is a multi-talented artist known for his work as an actor, screenwriter, and film director. Many people remember him for his remarkable performance in "Full Metal Jacket." He's also showcased his acting chops in films like Brad Pitt starrer "Moneyball" and "The Lost World: Jurassic Park," where he brought his unique style to the screen. 

Arliss' journey to becoming a respected actor is rooted in his education and remarkable career. He graduated from Truman High School and Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, where he likely honed some of his early acting skills. 

Howard's journey to becoming a respected actor is rooted in his education and remarkable career. He graduated from Truman High School and Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, where he likely honed some of his early acting skills. What sets Arliss apart in the world of cinema is the unique distinction of having worked with two of the most legendary directors in film history, Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg. Alongside Tom Cruise, he shares this rare achievement, and it's a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor.

Who Was Debra Previously Married To?

Debra Winger's romantic journey took an interesting turn when she married Timothy Hutton on March 16, 1986. Their wedding was held in the stunning coastal area of Big Sur, a place known for its breathtaking natural beauty. It must have been a truly picturesque and memorable setting for such a significant moment in their lives. 

TimothyDebra Winger's ex-husband, Timothy Hutton SOURCE: Los Angeles Times YouTube Channel

Debra and Timothy's marriage was a significant moment in their lives, and it marked the first time either of them had walked down the aisle. It's often special when two people decide to commit to each other in marriage for the very first time. It's a leap of faith into a new chapter, filled with hopes and dreams. Although their marriage ultimately took a different path, that initial decision to tie the knot was undoubtedly a meaningful and heartfelt moment in their journey. 

The First Meeting Of The Former Love Birds

Winger and Hutton's love story began in quite a unique way. They crossed paths while hosting the music festival Farm Aid together. It's often said that fate works in mysterious ways, and for the actress, this event was a turning point in her romantic life. 

Interestingly, at that time, Winger had recently ended her relationship with Bob Kerrey, the former Governor of Nebraska. When she and Hutto met during Farm Aid, it seemed that sparks flew almost instantly. Sometimes, when two people connect on a deeper level, there's no need for elaborate courtship – love simply happens. Their immediate connection was a beautiful beginning to a chapter of their lives filled with affection and shared experiences.

How Did Winger Fell In Love With Her First Husband?

Debra's love story with Timothy Hutton has a touch of Hollywood magic to it. She first caught a glimpse of her future husband on TV when he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Ordinary People" in 1980. That Oscar moment seemed to spark something special in her heart. 

TimothyTimothy Hutton at the 1981 Oscars SOURCE: Oscars YouTube Channel

Winger and Hutton finally met face-to-face in 1983 while preparing to work together on a film called "Road Show." However, fate had a twist in store for them, and the movie was revamped and made with different actors, eventually titled "Medicine Man" in 1992. 

When And Why Did The Actress Divorce Hutton?

Debra Winger and Timothy Hutton's journey took a turn when they decided to part ways and officially divorced on March 1, 1990. Sometimes, even when two people deeply care for each other, they discover that they have differences that are difficult to resolve. 

In Winger and Hutton's case, the reason cited for their divorce was "irreconcilable differences," as mentioned in an article from Deseret News. This term is often used in divorce cases to signify that while the couple may have tried to work things out, they ultimately found it too challenging to bridge the gaps between them. While their marriage may not have lasted, these experiences are a part of both of their journey and they likely learned and grew from it.

Has Kids With Both Her Current And Ex-Partner

Debra Winger's journey into motherhood has been a significant and cherished part of her life. She's a loving mother to two wonderful sons. Her eldest, Noah Hutton, was born on April 29, 1987, during her marriage to her ex-husband, Timothy Hutton. 

Later in her life, after marrying Arliss Howard, Debra welcomed her second son, Babe Howard, into the world on June 15, 1997. It's heartwarming to see that, despite the changes and challenges life brings, the actress has continued to prioritize her family and the joy of raising her children. 

Noah Hutton, Winger's eldest son, has made a name for himself in the world of filmmaking. He's not only a talented writer but also a skilled director, with a passion for both documentary and narrative films. What's particularly interesting is that he's also taken on the role of cinematographer in some of his projects. Films like "Crude Independence," "In Silico," and "Deep Time" bear witness to his artistic vision and storytelling prowess. 

Babe Howard is carving his path in the entertainment industry. Not only does he have a talent for acting, but he's also shown his skills behind the camera. He wrote and directed a short film titled "Pickup/Delivery," as mentioned on his IMDb page. Additionally, he has stepped into the spotlight as an actor, with a role in the film "Lapsis."

Other Relationship Of The Actress

Debra Winger's journey through love and relationships has been quite fascinating. Apart from her marriages and family life, she has had several other noteworthy relationships. In the early 1980s, she was involved with Nick Nolte and Bob Kerrey during the mid-1980s. She also shared a relationship with Andrew Rubin that spanned from 1977 to 1980. 

Love can take many forms, and in the world of Hollywood, these relationships often become a part of one's personal and public narrative. Each of these connections likely played a unique role in shaping Winger's life experiences and personal growth. 


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