David Simon and his wife, Laura Lippman headed towards divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   24 Mar, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

David Simon, the legendary creator of one of the best TV shows “The Wire” maybe in the middle of a rocky marriage with his wife Laura Lippman. It has been rumored that David and Laura are having difficult times.

David has already once before gone through a divorce with his former wife Kayle Tucker. He and Kayle have one child, Ethan Simon from their marriage. David maintains a very healthy relationship with his son and ex-wife.

However, David and Laura have not made any comments regarding their rumored troubled marriage. It has been suggested that the rumors could be false and nothing but attention hunters trying to make news through the help of the creator.

David and his wife as professionals are a very decorated couple and hailed by many to be among the best at what they individually do. David and Laura have also said their main concern is to see to the proper growth and well-being of their daughter, Georgia Ray Simon.

It has also been suggested that David and Laura have been successful in giving their undivided attention to their daughter. This has brought them closer than ever before. Their daughter has just begun school and both parents see to it that they share their day to pick her up and reach her to school.

David is best known for his TV shows “The Wire”, “The Corner”, “Generation Kill”, “Treme” and “Show me a Hero”. The show “The Wire” has been critically regarded as the best TV show ever made. He is currently working on an upcoming TV series titled “The Deuce”. This is scheduled to premier sometime later this year.

Laura, on the other hand is an author by profession.  She is particularly known for detective fiction and has been known to have collaborated wither husband and together they have made some very extraordinary work.

She has already written more than twenty novels. She is most well known for her “Tess Monaghan Series”. She is also recipient of some very noteworthy awards such as Agatha, Anthony and the Strand and Shamus Awards.

David and Laura are both known for their journalistic work and some of their thorough and exact reflection of the society in Baltimore, Maryland USA has been regarded as a masterpiece of journalism.

He is also known for his extreme opinions against the government. He is also an active social network user where he posts his opinions. He can be followed on Twitter @AoDespair. David has also been nicknamed the angriest man on Television.

David’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $15million. He has made most of his earnings through his TV shows and also by producing various different projects.