David McNally has resigned from his position as chief executive of Norwich City Football Club.

May 11, 2016
First Published On: May 11, 2016
by HitBerry

David McNally, who has been the chief executive of Norwich City Football Club, has served the club for seven years long. He resigned the club two days ago.


 While being appointed on 12 June 2009, he had replaced Neil Doncaster.

He had previously worked for clubs like Fulham and Celtic.

McNally appeared to give resignation through a Tweet on his Twitter on May 7 after Norwich lost 1-0 to Manchester United. He tweeted-

“that’s ok, and I understand your view. I’ve resigned tonight and I hope that the club can now progress.”

And again he tweeted-

“I take back what was said earlier. I remain fully committed to NCFC and to Delia and Michael –I’ve not resigned. My apologies.”

Both tweets got deleted from Twitter after some hours, but he formally announced his resignation after two days.

The Board of Directors accepted his resignation with full respect and had expressed gratitude towards his contribution to the enhancement of the club. And everyone wishes him good luck ahead.